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  1. Mabett Front Winch Bumpers

    I will buy this as soon as available. I do need camera relocation.
  2. I made some changes, and now I can't lock my doors with the fob or interior buttons

    You can download the as-built files through motorcraft. Flash that file onto your rig and you are back at factory. Dig around in the forums on this site. It's all in there.
  3. Badlands with 7MT (Best options for 35" tires)

    This whole thread has been exactly right. Except the 30mm offset being a total solution. That depends on the tire width (not the 35" height). If you have really wide tires, you might need wider wheels, and a little more offset. For reference, I have 13.5" wide tires and I needed a little...
  4. Raised White Lettering

  5. Joe's BadSquatch Build

    What roof you got coming? What color?
  6. The Electronic Parking Brake is the Greatest Failure of the Ford Bronco

    I get that you had problems with it and you are mad. But all my new cars have had e pkg brakes for a while. The bronco e brake has worked fine for 20k miles for me. I didn't love the location of the lever at first, but it's totally automatic now. What's interesting to me is that this...
  7. Contemplating Upgrading From 21' to 23'

    Get what you want. Just learned a new word recently. Goblin mode. When i read the e definition, I thought about buying and having my bronco. I'm good with it.
  8. Introducing: Largo the Retro-Mod 2-Door Bronco

    Oh, 1500 for all that wrapping? I'm gonna find a local wrap guy then. Interesting approach with all that extra wrapping. I like it. You sure can't see the difference on the hood in the pictures.
  9. Tricky Dick's Dirty Bronco

    Between a functional beadlock and mostly off road, I'd agree that the recommended wheel width is not very important. One concern is if you go with spacers and you are swapping these for street setup, the spacers take some extra work to swap, with the two-piece design. My other warning on...
  10. Tricky Dick's Dirty Bronco

    What are you doing for wheels for these?
  11. Introducing: Largo the Retro-Mod 2-Door Bronco

    Really well done. I'm most curious about the black piece on the B pillar. I have a white hard top from adv coming in nov dec jan and I'm afraid that black piece is going to stand out like a sore thumb. I'm going to use your references, chase down the materials, and try to wrap this piece...
  12. Hesitant buying Bronco with soft top

    There are some issues. I have had a soft top Badlands in the Northeast for 15 mos (through last winter). It has been good, but I am waiting on a hard top from Advanced Fiberglass Concepts. Wind noise is a lot. Road noise is a lot. When wind and snow work together, you can find your back...
  13. I made a Badlands tractor w/ Accelera Badak X-Treme, tallest 35" tires made

    but then your mileage calcs are jacked up? Or you are using other means to measure?
  14. I made a Badlands tractor w/ Accelera Badak X-Treme, tallest 35" tires made

    That's pretty much my same numbers from the 33s to big-ass 35s. 19.6 to 14.4. Did you have trouble programming the circumference? It took me a bunch of trial and testing to match the gps speed. I have about 15k on my new tires now and I wonder if the setting is off from wear. I have yet to...
  15. Tricky Dick's Dirty Bronco

    Those look really nice. That tread pattern looks a lot like the Pro Comp XTerrains I used to run on my Defender. The bonus on those was the self-clearing in mud. I miss those tires. I'm running Mickey Thompson Baja Pro XSs right now and they don't clear mud as well as that tread pattern...
  16. Joe's BadSquatch Build

    I don't know, those skids look fine in the pictures. You know the saying: Good, fast, cheap. You can only pick two. It's aluminum so it's gonna give some. If it was steel, you would need a bigger motor. ha ha.
  17. Sport mode without 4A?

    I want the forscan gurus to answer this. What we really need is persistent memory on the drive settings. If it stayed where you left it after a shut down and restart, It would be a solution to many of these issues.
  18. Zroadz Rock Slider Side Step Feedback?

    I have had them on about 7 months and I love them. I bought them as a step for my wife (like many folks). And as a normal size driver, I have to kinda climb over them. I have a level lift and 35s so getting in requires a hop and a slide into the seat. It works fine for me. But getting out...
  19. First impressions review: Ford Performance Calibration tune installed on 2.3 MT Bronco Badlands

    Great info. Thanks for posting. I have basically the same rig and asked my dealer about this. They said that they are not certified to install. I have to go to a performance certified dealer and the closest one is about an hour away. I'm still going to do it, but I did have questions...
  20. TripleB’s Base Sasquatch Rig Journal

    How is it? Still haven't had my damn doors off in a year.