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  1. Train Tracking

    No way to see the whole trip for the general public. From what I’ve seen cars going to the PNW are traveling BNSF. Unfortunately with my contracts, I can’t get much more visibility than what you can get from the CSX line.
  2. Train Tracking

    It’s going through interchange in Chicago right now. Rail cars going to Houston (your profile says Katy so I’m assuming) go BNSF. Figure 5, maybe six days till it’s unloaded. Then another day or two to get transport to the dealer by truck.
  3. Train Tracking

    looks like it departed the plant today. It was loaded on 12/27 but there was no movement after that. I’m sure it had to do with the holiday. I don’t have any visibility on the trip plan so I can’t provide an eta for you.
  4. Win an ARB Portable Compressor this Holiday Season

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  5. Train Tracking

    East Point is a switching yard. The car was there for 26 hours which is pretty standard when making a connection. It’s on the move again.
  6. Kos


    Mine was same day, unload to delivery. It just depends on when the car hauler is available and there is very little in the dealers control on this.
  7. Kos


    What did they offer to trade in your BL?
  8. [Update: Tentative Deal Reached 9/15 to Avoid Strike!] Bronco rail train loading suspended as of 9/14 (Impending Rail Strike / Lockout)

    Sticking to what is public knowledge... - The last time it reached this point was in 1992 and congress intervened. Congress can intervene again, and several Senators have prepared a resolution requiring rail workers work under the terms of the Presidential Emergency Board recommendations. The...
  9. Nebraska WTS - Factory Soft Top ($750/OBO) - Omaha, NE

    i don’t have a hard top. I’m just using the Bestop soft top year round. If I had to guess i would say 2-3 hrs worth of work going back and forth
  10. Ok, who is brave enough to order Bronco Sneakers?

    Like everything else Cyber Orange, it will come School Bus Yellow.
  11. Nebraska WTS - Factory Soft Top ($750/OBO) - Omaha, NE

    It looks like I have a potential local sale lined up. I'll let you know if anything changes.
  12. Nebraska WTS - Factory Soft Top ($750/OBO) - Omaha, NE

    You could have it ready when you get yours. Assuming your order has a hard top. I put a Bestop soft top on which I do think is better, but if you want to go back and forth between hard and soft, the factory is a better option.
  13. Nebraska WTS - Factory Soft Top ($750/OBO) - Omaha, NE

    Yeah, 2 hrs south would be roughly St Joseph, MO. I would potentially push as far as the Kansas City Airport.
  14. Nebraska Sold: WTS - Factory Soft Top ($750/OBO) - Omaha, NE

    Looking to sell my factory soft top. Offering for $750/OBO. Only on my vehicle for 72hrs. Keeping it local (2 hr radius) due to practicality of shipping.
  15. Got my Badlands Bronco Yesterday - Issues Noted

    Shouldn't of had the child safety locks on. Shipping standard for rail are to have the doors unlocked and the driver's seat in the full back position during transit. That said, I highly doubt they would check it being the rear seat. Also, there was a recall on the child safety locks. Perhaps...
  16. Matt's Offroad recovery of a Bronco in desert dunes

    Because swiping a credit card through a square reader on a cell phone makes for exciting content.
  17. Matt's Offroad recovery of a Bronco in desert dunes

    Twice the balls… half the brains.
  18. 🛠 1/31/2022 BUILD WEEK GROUP

    BNSF doesn't have a way to track directly with them since you are not a customer. CSX is still the contracted shipper so the BN will feed them updates. Should be able to continue to get information from the CSX.
  19. 🛠 1/31/2022 BUILD WEEK GROUP

    it’s at interchange in Chicago. Going to the BNSF