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  1. Article: Wrangler still outsells Bronco 2 to 1. Here's why.

    IMO, I don't think Ford planned outsell Jeep numbers from the beginning, they just wanted a piece of this cake that was all for Jeep in the past. If the goal for Ford would be to outsell their numbers, They would invested in a production plan just for Broncos to achieve the production volume...
  2. Finally picked it up!! Zone Offroad 3" Lift, 37" BFG KM3, Black Rhinos

    It has a perfect stance! Love it! Color, Tire Soze, Lift. It just perfect as it is! How is the ride compared to stock? Do you feel any difference?
  3. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Well, I got it in December and I already have almost 5k miles. When I reserved, I said it's not going to be for daily driving, but is too damn fun to drive the Bronco that I can't resist myself to get out with her everyday. I wish I have more time to go off road every weekend, but I've been...
  4. Lady drivers. Jeep YJ phenomenon?

    Hi!!! I'm on of those idiots!! 👋🏻
  5. What have you broken on your Bronco so far?

    I scratch the paint on the pilar D trying to remove the soft top. And some how, I got a paint chip in the tailgate. I'm still wondering how on earth a rock got there. Ohh and I almost forgot. A dent on my door thanks to a windy day that slam my door against rear mirror of another car.
  6. JTopsUSA Introduces the Bronco Bimini Sun Shade!

    You're good, I was just giving information to the person that didn't know where the correct display of the flag comes from.
  7. Post Your Topless Broncos

    It looks awesome topless and no doors!!
  8. JTopsUSA Introduces the Bronco Bimini Sun Shade!

    The U.S. Code describe exactly how it supposed to be displayed. 4 U.S. Code § 7 - Position and manner of display
  9. I've become that guy...

    I went to with my family to cracker barrel last night and had to go back to look something for my daughter and got excited because someone else park his Bronco two doors next to mine. Getting the Bronco is not just about the Bronco itself, it's a whole new experience that connects you to...
  10. 636 days have passed since my Bronco Reservation. A status update would be nice

    Allocation is not set by trim levels, only by models. Meaning that your dealer should know how many Bronco will be delivered to them. however, they should not be able to tell you what spot you are. I mean, you could be the first on their allocation according to your reservation number. However...
  11. Recirculate Setting?

    Totally agree. It's really annoying. I tried to take it to the dealer but the services advisor didn't have any idea of what I was talinkg about.
  12. After ADM's end will you go back to "that" dealer?

    I believe that's a misconception as their fixed cost has to be covered by service department. That's their goal as a dealer and that's how it used to be when I used to work for FoMoCo. Car sales should be only for profit. Therefore, ADM's is only more profits for them. I really don't know if...
  13. Topless Doorless Experience Comparison Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler (by owner of both)

    I have read that JL doors are lighter than the Bronco but the Bronco doors are easier to grab them, hold them and better balanced which made them seem lighter. I think the difference is something around 10 pounds for rear doors and 5 pounds for front doors.
  14. Bronco Raptor POV Hard Acceleration Video in Sport Mode + Blue Braptor Hard Acceleration Video

    If I wanted speed performance and good sound. I would definitely go with another kind of pony. No 392 or any other V6. But I wanted is to have fun at the beach and other places and Bronco is just perfect for that.
  15. Soft top latch issue.

    Those supports are adjustable. You can unscrew them and do the adjustments. I had to do it only for one side and it worked.
  16. FORScan Bronco Working Spreadsheet (double honk, sport mode, chimes, seatbelts, and more!)

    You will need the backup sensor and base models are not equipped with that. Therefore I would say it's not doable.
  17. Things That Bother Me About My Bronco

    I would love to see you throwing your cellphone out the window and living without it. Sounds easy, but I dare you!
  18. Top swap done > factory soft top to MIC hardtop

    Try to build a vehicle buying only aftermarket part and it will cost 10 times more than buying a new vehicle. It's the same concept. I don't think the entire hardtop will cost that once they are able to sell it as they said in 2023 (if we are lucky enough to get by that date), my best guess is...
  19. Has anyone removed the rear seats in their 4 door?

    If I wouldn't need those seats I would order a two door Bronco instead.