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  1. Whatever happened to the pineapple pizza?

    With Patches, comes great responsibility. One does not simply purchase a Patch to obtain, and to sell a Patch would be a kick in the teeth. You might get lucky some day though, you just never know when Patchy goodness could come your way. Stay in school, eat lots of cookies and drink up!
  2. Whatever happened to the pineapple pizza?

    I rock the Pineapple Pizza every day!
  3. No longer want my delivered Bronco

    I've been rockin' one of your 2Dr soft tops for 10 months now, and don't regret one second that the top doesn't fold down like the 4Dr. Gives full view out the back, and looks great with the sides pulled out and no support frame work. I'm interested in what you guys come up with though, and will...
  4. Who is offering the best trade in values for the Bronco currently?

    :unsure: Wasn't it Chestbump, or Yorkshire Puddin' or something like that?
  5. Just a little humor Ford unknowingly provided today.

    You got yourself a born-again Bronco! Jokes aside, sorry for your troubles.
  6. Comment ça va?

    Nah, I'm sure there won't be any hate for someone who got exactly what Ford is telling people that have been waiting for years, they can not have. Whoever backed out of that is crazy because it's gorgeous, congrats!
  7. Jeep is more affordable

    Sorry, I'll take my comic relief and scoot on out now!
  8. Melted plastic smell

    You didn't put the seat warmer on Level 3 (Thermonuclear Meltdown) did you?!?
  9. Thoughts from current owners about the current ordering situation?

    I likely had a different situation than most, during my wait of 18 months. Single, no kids, short work commute and another vehicle I could daily with. Along the way I had a couple/few opportunities to switch my build because of various constraints, but I chose to wait it out. I did not want to...
  10. Bronco Toys, Diecast, RC

    I got that email 4 days ago, and it still only says "label created". Seems on par with there to be delayed shipping, because Bronco.
  11. tapping into high beam wire

    This is such a bad idea . . .
  12. Bronco Toys, Diecast, RC

    Currently sold out, but here's a link for The Block Zone Brcnco (Licensing, lol) https://theblockzone.com/collections/off-road-collection/products/931pcs And some pics:
  13. What is the most fun to drive vehicle you have ever owned? 6G Bronco for me

    Cheeto is pretty damn fun, but Blue still makes me grin stupidly and feel like a big kid every time I take it out:
  14. Bronco Toys, Diecast, RC

    Thanks for the reminder, just ordered. This will look cool next to my SCX24 🍻