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  1. Ford Pass Reward Online Redemption

    I’m also interested in this, LFG!
  2. Send It Saturday! Post your 📸

    Not airborne but flooring it into the mud hole!
  3. If the SAS/LUX/MIC is going to push a lot of us into 2024 with no PP - what are you going to do?

    My 2 cents. The soft top has been more than adequate. I’m in Texas so not Colorado winter, but we did have 2-3 really cold icy weeks recently. Highs in the 20s. Had no issues staying warm or dry. I’m sure you’ve considered, but I’ve been plenty impressed with how it fairs in the elements.
  4. 📈 Bronco December 2022 and Full-Year 2022 Sales & Production Numbers

    I think that 2021 models will be rare vehicle come 10 years. Maybe not but 54k first MY doesn’t seem like a lot.
  5. Everglades wheel sets are now available on Ford Performance Parts site

    How do they compare to the stock SAS tires?
  6. Let's see your favorite Bronco picture of 2022 📸

    Hidden Falls Off road park. Marble Falls, Texas. First time getting it out there!
  7. Head on collision report - we walked away OK from our destroyed Bronco Badlands Sasquatch

    My bronco is in the shop for a lesser wreck last month. Head on as well, Bronco is a beast, destroyed the other car, and drove it home .
  8. Sasquatch Tires- Folgers Bucket Accessory

    The rock rails seem to protect fairly well against the paint chips. At least it seems thus far.
  9. Waited 654 days to get her...only to have her taken away by someone else's inability to drive 3 weeks later

    Sorry to hear that. I just got hit by a lady who didn’t yield on a non protected green light. Insurance says 9500 for damage and airbags went off. We’ll see what dealership says. Drove the bronco home, other car was destroyed. No major injuries. Wondering how the depreciated value works.
  10. 2200 miles to the Texas Off-Roadeo and back to Florida!

    Great write up. I live in Austin and was impressed with the amount of knowledge I gained from the rodeo as newbie off roader . My wife too, had a great time and really felt more confident after. Boss hogged it thru some tight limestone and cedar trails.
  11. First impressions review: Ford Performance Calibration tune installed on 2.3 MT Bronco Badlands

    I’ve been really looking at this and it looks like it’s a 30hp gain, also interested in how it makes it where 37” tires will run. Can 37s fit on a SAS setup or are 35s are big as it gets? Seems like for about 1k, adding this to the 2.3 seems awesome. Also wonder how it works with extended...
  12. Squatch Flex 💪👀 on completely factory Sasquatch SAS suspension

    Hidden Falls off road park, Texas. Love the slowmo, had to throw it in.
  13. INCOMING: Driveshaft Recall (Customer Satisfaction Program 22B27) - replacement needed to avoid cracked boot

    I haven’t received anything in the mail, would the fordpass app show the recall?
  14. INCOMING: Driveshaft Recall (Customer Satisfaction Program 22B27) - replacement needed to avoid cracked boot

    Just happen to have regular service scheduled for tomorrow, add this too it! thanks for posting
  15. MGV…The back sweat is real, what gives?

    The MGV seats are awesome to clean and take a beating by dogs, kids, life; however, the swamp ass is real 😂. I point one air vent directly at my sack at all times and it helps. After a year and a hot Texas summer, seat covers are in my future. Son dumped hot chocolate at the trail of lights all...
  16. My Bronco Heritage Limited Edition order confirmed

    Congrats! That’s a lot of doe but it will be a very rare Bronco. YOLO right? If it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, not going to lose money. At least not in the short term it doesn’t seem. I was lucky enough to get a 2021 and it feels like a unicorn ( to me). Cheers!