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  1. Subwoofer & Amp Install in B&O System (OuterBanks/LUX/Sasq/B&O/4dr) - Writeup DIY

    I spoke to a JL rep last week at Expo West and he stated they haven't been able to get their hands on a bronco and/or long enough to complete the scans necessary to build and test fit the sub enclosure. If I didn't live so far away from south Florida now, I would drop it off to them for however...
  2. Webasto investing $213M this year on MIC hard tops. Expects to build ~1 million roofs total for Bronco

    Whats the point if the tops will continue to have a snakeskin appearance? I saw 4 version 2 mic tops this weekend in person and all were showing snakeskin appearance on the front 2 panels and were mismatched shades of grey compared to the rest of the top.
  3. Goose Gear Platform / Fridge slide issues and update

    I had a chance to touch, feel and look at the system in a bronco this past weekend. I was not impressed at all. Fit, finish, gaps, alignment all stood out to me.
  4. Soft top owners be aware

    Soft top owners…Do NOT lock your doors. This jeep owner has also warned his wife so she doesn't chance it. i have a mint ford oem top that came off the first week with windows being stored on hangers. Does that mean the value has gone up?
  5. My 1350+ miles towing experience through the Rockies with Bronco Badlands

    I went with this one even though I didnt want to originally. My trailer requires a 2.75” rise for everything to sit level at 23” from the ground.
  6. My 1350+ miles towing experience through the Rockies with Bronco Badlands

    I can be out the door in less than 30min. Just load food, clothes, round up the dogs and get the wife out the door. Everything stays in the camper and if it comes out to be washed or hosed down, it goes right back in and ready for next trip. Only things that dont stay in the camper are the solo...
  7. 2023 MY Bronco Order Bank Opens 8/15

    all I need to know is will there be a painted mod top option for 2023.
  8. My 1350+ miles towing experience through the Rockies with Bronco Badlands

    I wanted to give an update on towing a trailer long distance vs the previous trials I did around town. I just returned from a trip down to Flagstaff, AZ and towed the 3310lb trailer 1350+ miles with my wife’s Bronco through the Rockies, Moab, southern UT and northern AZ, which included...
  9. Dealer effed up my order

    An offroad camper trailer. Wouldnt attempt to tow one without electric brakes when on a mountain shelf or steep trail.
  10. How to protect exposed spare tire from the elements??

    How did I know it was a outerbanks we were talking about.
  11. How to protect exposed spare tire from the elements??

    Huh? I have an exposed spare on my jeep, camper & the Bronco, all get rotated in every 3k miles. In 9yrs of owning the jeep, zero issues. Camper 3yrs zero issues.
  12. 【Mabett】The back for the rear seats for Bronco 4 door has been designed, Coming soon!

    Ive been saying all along its because the person who was heading up the Bronco interior got themselves in trouble and found themself moved to the Sport team. He said F this and incorporated the rubber backed seats into the Sport. Then they threw those 2 females on the Bronco team and they...
  13. 【Mabett】The back for the rear seats for Bronco 4 door has been designed, Coming soon!

    received mine today and they've been baking out in the sun the last few hours to remove the creases. Will install on the wife's bronco tonight.
  14. Colorado WTB OEM Soft Top and/or a OEM Safari Bar

    I do. Took it off after day 2 and been stored in the house ever since.
  15. Rock-slide powered sliders installed

    My wife uses the top plate to stand/walk on when she’s flipping the soft top open or closed.
  16. Oracle universal letters already burnt out.

    Think its because you have the 2.7 in your Bronco.
  17. Tow Package: difference between factory -installed and dealer-installed?

    Many offroad camper trailers have electric brakes. Mine weighs less than 3500lbs loaded and you would not want to be on some of the trails I tow it through without a brake controller (let alone being pushed down the Ike Gauntlet here in CO without a brake controller) and sometimes towing with my...
  18. Air Down Advice - Schnebly Hill/Black Gap Trails

    If it lets you know the difficulty of this trail...I towed my offroad camper trailer down Schnebly Hill Trail from my dispersed camp spot behind my f150. Aired the truck's tires down to 21psi and the camper's down to 25psi.
  19. Slide-Out Tailgate Table Delivered!!!

    As a 9yr jeep owner and one who removes the doors often and runs trail tube doors, there have been 0 times that I have ever wished or thought “man, it sure would be nice to remove my doors and store them in the back.”
  20. Slide-Out Tailgate Table Delivered!!!

    I just want a damn flat floor. I could care less for the slide out table piece. I’ll pay $800 or whatever it’ll be to fix the floor issue in our 4dr BL but I wont wait until 2023 to buy it through a dealership.