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  1. Bears or Bust 2022 with my Bronco and home/selfbuilt camper

    These are some of the best photos that I’ve ever seen. There’s a nature photographer named Peter Lik, who has a few galleries in Las Vegas that I’ve always wanted to get something from, but was never able to pull the trigger because some are in the tens of thousands of dollars. Some of these...
  2. FIXED!! Windows catching on weatherstripping when opening -- It's not what you think.

    Most definitely, I can almost guarantee that it’s a much easier process than
  3. Soft top broken tabs

    Anyone else in no man's land with their dealer service department? I went in to the service department sometime in mid July (in person so I could actually show them the TSB on this). I showed him the TSB when I made the appointment and made it clear that it was the only reason that I was...
  4. Bronco's A/C vs other cars????

    2.7, not sure it makes a difference.
  5. Bronco's A/C vs other cars????

    The one thing I’ll say about is that it definitely works, but once it gets hot outside that engine fan (under the hood) really blows loudly. Not sure if it’s just mine, but my buddy was outside the car and asked if it was overheating because of how loud the engine fan was. I started to drive...
  6. Soft top alignment and adjustment

    The fabric on my top seems to be getting looser and looser over time to the point where it’s flopping in the wind (mainly over the rear seats. Anyone happen to know how to tighten it up? I read through the helpful post #14 a few times, but I’m still not quite sure how to translate that to my...
  7. Noise coming from brake pedal while applying brakes.

    I've got this too, mine makes a squeaking sound when I press it as well, going to have the dealer take a look at it next week.
  8. IAG LED interior lights and cup holders!

    Sounds good, one quick question on it, in case you happen to already have an answer on it. Does it look like it will work with the floor liner in place?
  9. IAG LED interior lights and cup holders!

    Any update on the cup holder?
  10. Door Holders Using PVC Pipe -- When Off vehicle

    Do we think this would be alright to store outdoors (maybe under a deck)?
  11. Clicking noise- soft top - rear passenger corner

    No problem, it was driving me crazy for weeks, but once I was able to pinpoint it the solution was pretty easy.
  12. Clicking noise- soft top - rear passenger corner

    Hey @LoneWolf1903 take a look at post #25 above yours.
  13. Easy Bronco Settings/Hacks (I'm talking to you seatbelt chime & double honk when engine running)

    Why not just get the IAG ez-lift system instead of spending all that money on a small plastic piece?
  14. Clicking noise- soft top - rear passenger corner

    Hi all, I've still got a click in the back of the top at speed, but I think I resolved the issue being addressed here after a lot of troubleshooting. Just a few inches behind the B pillar in the top there's a sideways facing metal cylinder that was hitting one of the mechanical pieces of the...
  15. What have you broken on your Bronco so far?

    However it is that the part on the top is connected to the part on the bottom was very weak on mine, not sure if it was glue or clips or what, but it won't stick back together again.
  16. What have you broken on your Bronco so far?

    Yep, that, I don't know that I'd even waste the money to replace it, it's so poorly put together that it seems like if you do get another one, if it's the same part it'll just break again. Maybe Mabett will make one at some point?
  17. What have you broken on your Bronco so far?

    I think one good question might be, who hasn’t broken that poor excuse for a latch in the rear storage area, seems to me like if it was lifted more than 3 times it’s going to fall apart. that said, overall still very happy with fit and finish on just about everything else besides the soft top...
  18. Clicking noise- soft top - rear passenger corner

    Anything new here? I spent the weekend driving around with the top in various states of up, down, with, without windows to try to figure out what's going on.
  19. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    I was having some trouble with the accessory mount on the center channel. Can someone let me know what torx or torx+ size that screw is? is it really one of the ones that came with the truck and I just wasn't smart enough to get it to work? I tried a Torx 35 bit and that seemed to fit, but my...