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  1. BaseSquatch Base Sasquatch Bronco Club

    Did not like that green when I configured mine but it looks great 👍 here , had mine 6months and only got it off-road once a week ago.waiting on just ordered skids before venturing out again.
  2. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    The hands free microphone went bad and they broke a piece of trim looking at it, waiting for parts is a problem.p.s it wasn't their fault it was minus 45 and the trim was brittle)
  3. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Yep looking forward to summer and getting a softop and skid plate, took it off road first time 1/14/23 still smiling 😁
  4. Kramku1


    Hi all just joined had my basesquach since June
  5. 20+ Broncos hit the mountain to find some snow... lessons were learned

    Not seen video yet love the b/w photos looks like fun 😊
  6. Anyone solve the seatbelt rattle? Lined interior with Killmat sound deadening mat

    I used Velcro strips and strapped it to the roll cage.
  7. 🚨 Bronco leads police on chase in Cripple Creek Colorado

    Those roof lights looked good, shame he didn't put it in snow mode would've been a more interesting chase.
  8. A VERY VERY Basic Primer on Electricity

    So if the wires to my spotlights are getting hot and and the lights are dim I need thicker wires,🤔😵💡 and this is why I take my bronco to the dealership.
  9. Bronco meets cow (not in a good way)

    Hope people aren't going to milk this, shame about the bronco.
  10. Android Auto Coolwalk w/ Full Split Screen (Public Stable Release) Now Working in Bronco!

    Yeah when I grew up a mobile phone meant a tornado 🌪️ just took your house 🏡 away 😂
  11. So 4A is not what I had thought...

    4A is not as smooth as 2wd and so far I have gotten around great in snow in 2wd, bronco's are fun and capable nothing compares IMHO😍👍
  12. MCInfantry build…. 2 door EG Bug Out Bronco

    That wheel tire combo looks great, are those ditch lights prewired to a particular overhead switch.
  13. 2023 Bronco Soft Top Window Seems Less Wavy

    Nice but I'm still irritated that I couldn't order my two Dr with a soft top (never wanted a hardtop)I need therapy 😜
  14. Into the Hell's Gate bath tub in my new Bronco @ Moab Utah

    Extremely jealous Moab is the holy grail of my bucket list 😍
  15. I flipped my Bronco about 5 or 6 times

    Looks like it spun over some kerbs killing wheels and suspension then rolled, after waiting a year for mine I wouldn't want to look back at it 😱
  16. Coldest Temperature Driven in Your Bronco?

    Minus 9 Fahrenheit
  17. Snow recovery - rescued 4Runner with Base Bronco

    What was the location of rescue I spy a moose 😊