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  1. What's your least favorite Bronco color?

    “They hate us ‘cause they ain’t us” - Area 51
  2. Ceramic Coat Protection?

    Can’t beat Turtle Wax Graphene for the money. Similar protection as pro products at a fraction of the cost. Super easy to apply. Just spray on and wash off. Will last up to a year and indefinitely if you apply after each wash. https://a.co/d/7yvF2YS
  3. What's missing from the display after update?

    It disappears when you’re in an active route. Otherwise you should see it. Really annoying when you’re on a road trip and want to make sure you’re still doing the limit. I miss it.
  4. What's missing from the display after update?

    Posted speed limit no longer shows when in an active GPS route. It’s a software bug introduced in the latest update.
  5. Squeaky rear seat

    I have the same issue. Isolated to seat belt and only happens when someone is back there. Plan on using some dry lubricant on the springs to see if it will stop.
  6. Sync Bugs Post-PowerUp 3.5.3

    The missing speed limit is annoying. One of my favorite things on the instrument cluster. Hopefully Ford will fix this in a future release.
  7. Fullscreen Apple CarPlay OTA Update Coming Soon! - Per Ford (Mike Levine)

    I don’t know how it behaves with the built in Nav but none of the other map apps work.
  8. Speed limit missing from dash display

    It disappears when a route is active in Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze. Otherwise it shows. This is an obvious bug in the latest update that adds full screen CarPlay.
  9. Fullscreen Apple CarPlay OTA Update Coming Soon! - Per Ford (Mike Levine)

    Finally received the full screen update via OTA after a long road trip. Unfortunately it broke one of the most useful bits of the instrument cluster. The “posted speed limit” no longer displays above the actual speed on the center cluster while driving a route in Apple Maps, Waze, or Google...
  10. Texas 4 Door OEM Rock Sliders for Sale

    They’re yours.
  11. Low Maps Audio Volume in CarPlay

    I noticed the voice prompt volume was very low when using CarPlay. When playing music it would lower for the Nav prompts but I could barely hear them. After digging around I found that you can independently adjust the volume for prompts by adjusting the volume knob when they are happening. This...
  12. Different Engine Sound in 2.7L - Badlands vs Wildtrak

    I think this myth has been busted.
  13. I made a Badlands tractor w/ Accelera Badak X-Treme, tallest 35" tires made

    Did you get the tow package for farming implements?
  14. Bronco Team Engineering Confirms 7.0 Quarts for 2.7L Engine Oil Change is Correct

    Most of us on here are adults and capabale of making informed decisions on our own. No need to censor anything. Besides, what would you do with all of that free time not being able to reply to every single post on this thread 😜
  15. Texas Sold: 4 Door OEM Rock Sliders for Sale

    4 door OEM rock sliders for sale. Like new. Took them off of my Badlands after a few hundred miles and replaced with steps. Local pick up (Houston). $200 OBO.
  16. Has any one installed the RC hidden winch with 2.7 engine and HD Modular bumper?

    Other threads on this topic. Looks like a serious pain to install but the best looking winch option IMO.
  17. Bronco Team Engineering Confirms 7.0 Quarts for 2.7L Engine Oil Change is Correct

    Bingo. Seems like a lot of folks on here are quick to rally around the “latest info from Ford” as gospel. Someone please explain to me how Ford screwed up the oil capacity out the gate. What’s a bigger screw up, publishing (and confirming multiple times) the original 7 quart capacity or screwing...
  18. B&O system and kicker key 200.4 amp

    Did you connect the 200.4 to the outputs of the B&O amp/DSP or to the factory radio?