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  1. New Swag from Ford -- Weather Resistant Playing Cards

    Bronco Anniversary gift arrived today. I'm not going to lie, I really like these cards. Did y'all get yours?
  2. My Badlands (7-Speed) Review - 10,000 Miles

    I will test this again in Oct, when the doors are put back in the Bronco. LOL
  3. My Badlands (7-Speed) Review - 10,000 Miles

    That sucks. The only similar issue I noticed was this one "Wanna drive with the windows cracked? They will shake until they scare the god out of you. They need to be fully up or almost fully down." Otherwise, no issues with my 7spd 2dr bd. I haven't heard anything about the tranny issues you...
  4. Whose fault? Dealer or Tire store

    I tend not to believe the tire shop, but that is my bias. I had a corporate mechanic shop do a simple tune up once, a year later I found out the hard way they cross threaded the spark plug. Some of these shops are hamfisted, in a hurry, and many have under trained staff now days. this is...
  5. How are you storing your doors?

    I might build a caddy like this for the wall. I like the idea of the PVC and padding, I just want them up off the floor, away from the kids. lol
  6. Does the 2-Door actually exist?

    I've only seen one other proper Bronco in mh area.
  7. You thought Bronco ADMs were bad…

    This dealership was not going to test this theory. LOL
  8. You thought Bronco ADMs were bad…

    Maybe. What some dealers are doing is buying the new Lightnings from buyers who are unsure about the purchase, then reselling it. At this time, it is not a new car, not an ADM, it is a used/pre-owned vehicle. I ordered a Lightning, It arrived, I drove it and really didn't like it. More...
  9. Michigan Assembly (Bronco) Plant Manager Out as of Thursday July 14

    Cool. It's nice to see forum folks still following human resource matters at Ford.
  10. Michigan Assembly (Bronco) Plant Manager Out as of Thursday July 14

    This. Many, many people are jumping to new opportunities for more 💲💲💲 In no other industry would laypeople, at the retail level, give a shit that a plant manager moved on to a different opportunity. Some of you have a lot of time on your hands to follow or even care about a move like this.
  11. Ford neutered the Broncos 2.7L

    Not an expert, do you think it dialed in to optimize a higher MPG vs a higher performance? There will be mods that can be made to improve these numbers, if performance is your goal.
  12. 2023 MOD Top Close-Up Photos and Technical Review

    I am happy for you, and it doesn't change my opinion. LOL Not near sighted at all, I fully remember how this all developed and, frankly, my opinion now is the same is was then, except now we actually have real units to judge. And, I don't think the painted top looks good on most Jeeps either.
  13. How are you storing your doors?

    First Summer with the doors off, they have been off since May, so the doors are stored in the garage, vertically. For me, I have them sitting on a yoga mat, in the corner, with a foam pad wrapped around them, but I keep hoping a better solution presents itself. How are you all storing your...
  14. 2023 MOD Top Close-Up Photos and Technical Review

    Yes, it will scratch easier.
  15. 2023 MOD Top Close-Up Photos and Technical Review

    I have the same opinion. The MIC tops, after all the drama, stil look proper on the Bronco. The 4 door soft tops don't look clean, The new 4 door with the MIC look much better than the 4 door with the soft top. These shiny/MOD tops just seem out of place, like they are trying too hard. The...
  16. Doors off gremlins explained, and an inexpensive DIY solution!

    I haven't experienced any of your problems, but I do have to unlock the gate for each use after having driven. I suspected it was an automatic safety lock that occurred when the car was in motion above a certain speed, and since there are no doors to unlock when the vehicle stops, I have to...
  17. Early peek @ ROBINS EGG BLUE 2023 Bronco Color, Heritage Edition w/ Squared Flares and Painted MOD Hard Top!

    I loved the color, until you said this...now I can't unsee it. I live in NC and loathe UNC CH, so I am out.
  18. Found another MIC hard top seal leak. Weatherstripping solution

    Doors and top have been off for the last 2 months...I will come back to this thread in Oct. LOL
  19. Bronco Pricing Forecast

    this isn't a large SUV you are also ignoring, conveniently, many other variables.