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  1. VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club

    Happy hour and horsepower gets you to the top of the dune
  2. Suspicious...

    I got so many of these production and shipping delays from Ford I almost had to buy more space from Apple just to store the damn messages.
  3. Bronco Cargo Slide Drawer / Slidefloor by Diabolical Inc

    Any squeaks or rattles from the unit? Broncos already have enough extraneous noise.
  4. VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club

    Spent some time off-road in the desert…
  5. West Coast delivery delays

    Considering it took Ford 12 weeks to move mine 500 miles west to MN you should get yours next August on the West coast.
  6. VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club

    Finally installed my bike rack. Really nice to have it swing out of the way of the gate.F
  7. Can’t believe these 2 vehicles used to resemble each other.

    With the news about Ford neutering the Bronco (no Sasquatch, hard top or Lux) they’re getting a little closer to each other as we speak
  8. No more 2023MY scheduling for hardtops, Sasquatch and LUX (reported by dealership)

    They don’t even have to. BestTop already sells one. Just make it an option
  9. No more 2023MY scheduling for hardtops, Sasquatch and LUX (reported by dealership)

    This is unforgivable on Ford’s part. If I hadn’t received mine in December I’d walk and never consider Ford again. I’m already there even with my Bronco. First and last Ford I’ll ever buy.
  10. Ford recalling some models for driver seatbelt unbuckled warning chime sound duration

    I always throw mine on out of habit. This smell a lot more like a legal CYA recall then a practical one. If someone crashes without a seat belt on Ford can at least claim they did the recall. Eliminates a cause of action.
  11. Bronco Achilles Heel - Hardtop build quality

    They have a non-carbon fiber version for $5700 In white or black
  12. 1-Up Bike Rack ‘Captain America Special’ with Swing Arm

    I was concerned about that outside position. Not a ton of leverage. everyday use it is way more than enough. I was concerned off-road over bigger obstacles
  13. Looking for Tall & Skinny tires

    Replace ‘tires’ with ‘date’ and this reads entirely differently
  14. Bronco Achilles Heel - Hardtop build quality

    I’m looking forward to my Anderson Composites hard top. Should be here around the end of Feb. Hoping it is a super solid piece. I looked them over at SEMA and they looked fantastic. I’ll do a review when it arrives. My sister has a Bronco with a MIC 2.0 hard top so I will be able to...
  15. Can’t believe these 2 vehicles used to resemble each other.

    In parking lots I watch for one of these abominations next to a Jeep. I want a picture of them plus my Bronco (all three). to rub it in to all my Chevy loving family members…. 😂
  16. 1-Up Bike Rack ‘Captain America Special’ with Swing Arm

    Purchased a Special Edition 1-Up rack and Rakattach about a year ago. It was a fund raiser for youth cycling. Just got my Bronco and fitted it. Love that the anodized blue matches but that was a coincidence. My wife said I look like Captain America. I took it as a compliment as I don’t look...
  17. So this is interesting and concerning all in one... my Bronco is sitting at railyard due to a "transmission issue".

    Not sure how it works on a manual but all cars are shipped in transport mode. Limits them to like 5mph. I assume to avoid idiots from ruining them. It could be related to that not working properly