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  1. Arguments for and Against the Capable Bumper and Modular Bumper

    I have the modular bumper. I cut out brackets from scrap aluminum and installed $32 eBay fog lights by wiring to the upfitter switches. If you need a front license plate bracket for either bumper I have you covered...
  2. Thoughts/honest reviews on a 2.3L auto tranny with Sasquatch???

    I had a 21 2.3 AT SAS black diamond 4 door and now have a 23 2.3 AT SAS black diamond 2 door. I’m happy with the 2.3. I’ve pulled my Polaris ranger crew many times with no issues. Acceleration is not an issue, it’s got plenty of power. The 2.3 has 70 more HP than a 1996 bronco with a 351...
  3. Picking up my Bronco Badlands, MIC, LUX, TOW tomorrow

    Good looking rig.
  4. Tire trends...what comes after 37's?

    Tractor rims and tires.

    Thank you for your order, I’ll ship it tomorrow morning.

    Send $35 and a shipping address via Venmo (preferred) - Walt [email protected] -Stanford PayPal- [email protected] Or I can send an invoice to an email address payable by card.
  7. New build help!

    Go black diamond with the advanced 4wd. You’ll get the skid plates and 4.46 gearing.
  8. Bronco Production Line Assembly Video

    I feel bad for all the line assemblers having to wear a mask in the summer. It’s hot enough in a plant without a mask. Ford finally enlarged the build ticket characters from 10 font to 20 something. Tickets are still too close together without enough differences in the characters.
  9. Avg shipping time to dealer

    Dealer near Atlanta 2021 bronco - 28 days, 21 sitting at rail convoy 50 miles from the dealer. Thanksgiving week was within the 28 days. 2023 bronco (same dealer) - 26 days, not sure how long it was at convoy. Christmas and new years were included.

    Whatever bumper is on your bronco I have you covered. Shipping again tomorrow.
  11. Robin's Egg Blue Bronco Heritage Editions Spotted, both 2 and 4 door late last week

    Could you tell if the side windows were removable? Allegedly the modular top will have that option as well as a porthole.
  12. Warranty extension while vehicle is waiting repairs

    I hate it for you. You have nothing to lose by calling Ford. Call them twice a week, you’ll get someone who is sympathetic to your situation.
  13. Warranty extension while vehicle is waiting repairs

    Call the Ford 1 800 number and tell them your concerns. Be very humble and use your “I need help mom” voice. Yelling and anger won’t get near as much as getting them to feel sorry for you. This has worked for me with Ford and other companies.
  14. Black Diamond come with Floor Mats?

    They prevent a wear spot where your right heel rests on the rubber floor.
  15. Mud tires recommendations please

    Look for a used set of wheels and tires on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. You can find a set for less than a set of new tires.
  16. Partial VIN

    Yea the first set of characters describes the vehicle specifics, the last ones are the unique vehicle characters. Your dealer did not lie about the partial vin but is being deceitful about what a partial vin means.
  17. Draw-tite 4500/675lb hitch install without removing bumper

    Another tip for the middle 2 bolts, make sure the muffler is cold. You can move the muffler to get a better angle on the bolts. You don’t want to touch the muffler if you’ve been driving for 20 minutes.
  18. New 4dr hardtop OB non SAS Cactus grey available in ATL

    I got my bronco below msrp from him.