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  1. Bronco Build Week 4/10/2023

    I added myself to the list last night. No build week bumps as of yet, but I'm not going to complain if they do, since I still need a bunch of information on the other choice.
  2. 6th gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down the MAP line

    That's the price that Ford stated right after the global versions reveal early last year. It's had a price increase in Australia to slow demand, so I'd fully expect it to between $57k to $62k range for NA.
  3. 6th gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down the MAP line

    I know things change as time goes on, but I seem to recall they said, after the global version reveal, that NA was going to get the Wildtrak Ranger also. The lack of info is why there's so much speculation. The Raptor and XLT variants are a given, but by the mules spotted, and it seem Lariat...
  4. 6th gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down the MAP line

    There are pictures on Ford Authority of a super cab in camo that looks to possibly have the Tremor package on it.
  5. $2500 Order Incentive, 2023 Allocation & More News - Granger Ford

    You can cross #108 off of the list. I had changed my order to a Velocity Blue Base with Sasquatch & 2.7 because I got annoyed with the info over the last couple weeks. I figured that I may as well go for the most basic version I'd go for in case it gets built before I get any information on...
  6. 📧 Bad news Friday... official email from Ford: "Urgent information regarding your Ford Bronco order."

    The one question, from the BN livestream, that wasn't worded/asked properly was the allocation pull thru from '24 allocations. There were a lot of angry & upset people in chat and I thing more clarity on that one point 'may' have helped a bit, especially with any Granger order holders. (I'm...
  7. King of the Hammers version Bronco?

    The Facebook link doesn't work for me, but I downloaded the pictures and zoomed in some. Outside of the different rock-sliders and fender badge, I noticed carbon fiber fender flares. The wheels also resemble one of Black Rhino flow-formed with a beadlock/beadlock cabable lip and KoH center cap.
  8. Last Call for 2023 Bronco Order Conversions at Granger Ford!!

    Glad to hear you finally got a build date and VIN. (y)
  9. If the SAS/LUX/MIC is going to push a lot of us into 2024 with no PP - what are you going to do?

    I'm also in allocation purgatory in the 2Dr gang at Granger and I won't change my order to a moar door (I dislike their look a lot) just to get built. I also changed my order to a 2Dr non-Sasquatch Badlands (Mid, 2.7, modular bumper) right after Halloween when I saw my place in line and had a...
  10. Last Call for 2023 Bronco Order Conversions at Granger Ford!!

    There's supposed to be some info about a 2Dr soft top option released in tomorrow's meeting. My guess it's because 2dr's will be the huge constraint no matter what you do, outside of switching to a moar door (no thank you). There is one aftermarket manufacturer working on a hard top for the...
  11. Last Call for 2023 Bronco Order Conversions at Granger Ford!!

    I honestly don't know, but I'm guessing that will be in the information we get after the meeting. I'm also going to guess, with how things are at the moment, that there won't be any penalty for going to a 4Dr of the models listed. I would honestly hold off on the final decision until we know...
  12. 💰 Official: $2500 Order Modification Offer to Wildtrak Customers (switch trims) and Non-Wildtrak Customers (modify order to remove constraints)

    It isn't related to Hoss 3.0 on the WT. Sasquatch is a constraint because of Goodyear being unable to produce enough tires.
  13. Last Call for 2023 Bronco Order Conversions at Granger Ford!!

    There will be more information revealed come Tuesday, but it 'sounds' like they're working on a soft-top alternative. If it pans out and happens won't be known until Tuesday. I fully expect it to be a very limited thing with them pushing to go 4Dr instead.
  14. Bronco Achilles Heel - Hardtop build quality

    Their Carbon Fiber version is the one at $9499. The Fiberglass version comes in white, black and primer grey and costs $5999.
  15. Limited Bronco Scheduling 1/12- “Specialty” Orders Only

    I probably should've added 'on a Tuesday' when I mentioned the trend of order types starting to be scheduled yesterday. I'll be curious to see if any standard Heritage builds get scheduled this week, of if they intend to build some of the Limited versions. I'd doubt it would be the Limiteds...
  16. Limited Bronco Scheduling 1/12- “Specialty” Orders Only

    This confirms what I was thinking when I saw the trend of orders being scheduled. I haven't seen anyone on the forums say their Heritage has been scheduled as of yet, though I do tend to skim thru some threads and miss stuff.😏
  17. Last Call for 2023 Bronco Order Conversions at Granger Ford!!

    I'm starting to wonder if the Badlands trend you're thinking of has something to do with the optional wheels. I haven't looked thru other posts elsewhere, but I thought I read the optional wheels were/are a constraint. If that's true, then they're trying to push as many out with them as they...
  18. Everglades wheel sets are now available on Ford Performance Parts site

    Ford Performance lists the whole package as weighing 205 lbs. If you divide that by 5 it comes out to 41lbs per wheel. So it's safe to say they weigh pretty much the same as standard Sasquatch wheels.