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  1. How to make $20K on a new Bronco.

    Maybe return the quote with the proper MSRP number inserted along with a screenshot of the advertisement.
  2. How to make $20K on a new Bronco.

    It is certainly a violation of my and anyone else intelligence at the very least...dirtbags.
  3. Hardtop Leaking after 1 year

    Take a good look at the weather stripping for deformation, tears and engagement. Also, I do believe I saw a thread detailing how the latch tensions can be adjusted.
  4. Are Tie Rods really THAT big of an issue for Broncos?

    RTR claims no stock tie rod failures on their stock Broncos and they wheel pretty hard. It's a matter of knowing the truck's limitations. IMO you'll be fine
  5. What's your least favorite Bronco color?

    Right on! Badlands in my case...in much warmer conditions!
  6. What's your least favorite Bronco color?

    There's only one color that is ICONIC😎
  7. 35" or close+ Non E rating tires? Anything Decent exist?

    Kenda Klever 35"x10.5"x17 "D"
  8. Belltech Coil Overs...any reviews?

    Anyone have experience with these Belltech coil overs? https://www.iagperformance.com/belltech-2021-ford-bronco-ex-sasquatch-0-4in-lift-kit-w-trail-perf-coilovers-152601tpc/
  9. Integrated winch bumpers recommendations?

    Don't mean to hijack the thread...I have the BAMF but have yet to install. Are you able to install the winch after the bumper is installed or does it need to installed first?
  10. Integrated winch bumpers recommendations?

  11. What's cheaper -- make a loaded Wildtrak into a Badlands or loaded Badlands into a Wildtrak ?

    Prolly cheaper BL to WT...I'm guessing adding the sway bar disco to the WT wouldn't be cheap. Forescan some sport mode to the squatched BL and Bob's your uncle.
  12. WT vs BL non-sas

    If you can live w/o the BL stabilizer disconnect, MGV and washout floors go WT at MSRP for sure IMO
  13. Tailgate Reinforcement (Help me understand?!)

    I stand partially corrected...the Rpator hinges are not a one for one swap but can be made to work with some effort. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/raptor-tailgate-hinges-installed-with-hammerbilt-bracket.56547/
  14. Does anyone have the Scorpion P000065 HD Tube Rear Bumper?

    Yes but looking at a couple mods...remove the pieces around the recovery points including the inboard bracket that it attaches to, most likely add some reinforcement to the top deck and figure something out to make the Barricade branding go away.
  15. White Letters In or Out on White Badlands 4-Door -- post your pics

    Old school baby! Definitely works with the white paint, looks good IMO.
  16. Tailgate Reinforcement (Help me understand?!)

    As I recall yes, someone did MAKE it work but it wasn't a simple one for one swap or direct fit bolt-on which I assumed to be the question.
  17. Does anyone have the Scorpion P000065 HD Tube Rear Bumper?

    Received the bumper yesterday. It's the "Barricade" version of the "Scorpion" bumper...same bumper, different brand name. Pretty much as expected for a product from China...not the greatest quality. Good: - Packaging was great - Powder coat is complete throughout and actually looks pretty...
  18. Tailgate Reinforcement (Help me understand?!)

    No, Raptor hinges will not work on standard bronco. There is a thread but I can't locate at the moment.
  19. Badlands: SAS vs non-SAS lift

    If weight is a concern I'd look at Old Man Emu HD springs on your existing shocks as an option. IMO a majority of the aftermarket coil overs are designed for soft ride and max flex and don't address added weight. If I were to go the coil over route I'd be looking at something with adjustable...
  20. Tailgate Reinforcement (Help me understand?!)

    You are correct, the hinges are the weak point. A majority of the reinforcements out there simply connect the hinges together which provides some additional rigidity but does not address the weak point. RTR's does address the hinges but I'm not a big fan of the look. IAG has a new product coming...