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  1. Anyone have their dealer swap tires before delivery?

    Swapping out tires, especially if he’s just going to a different tread, isn’t going to void any warranty.
  2. INCOMING: Driveshaft Recall (Customer Satisfaction Program 22B27) - replacement needed to avoid cracked boot

    @RustysBronco picked mine up from the dealer today. Initial impression after drive home is that my issue is resolved. I was only behind the wheel about 20 minutes, but so far I’m pleased.
  3. INCOMING: Driveshaft Recall (Customer Satisfaction Program 22B27) - replacement needed to avoid cracked boot

    Mine is at the dealership being replaced right now, I’ll let you know in a couple of days.
  4. Front suspension “thump” noise/feel?

    Good to hear your issue was resolved, and can’t wait to get mine taken care of.
  5. Front suspension “thump” noise/feel?

    I was contacted by customer service about my issue, but the only solution so far was to get a second opinion at a different dealership. I’m wondering how many others with this problem are inside the dates of the customer service program for drive shaft boot replacement? (BroncoBenni had a...
  6. Soft top delaminating

    After warranty is up, sure. Within warranty period, they can handle it.
  7. Soft top delaminating

    @OddBall88 @JediMcMuffin what was the outcome for each of you? Replacement, or repair?
  8. Soft top delaminating

    I’m just under 18,000 miles and my soft top is starting to come apart, anyone else experience this? The panel just behind the drivers head crossmember appears to be stuck on with adhesive, but that is beginning to release. Dealer has pictures and is beginning warranty process.
  9. Front suspension “thump” noise/feel?

    I have a DM thread with a social media consultant (?) where I provided other ownership and contact info. While I haven’t been contacted by anyone else yet, I do have a case #.
  10. Front suspension “thump” noise/feel?

    Hey @Ford Motor Company, can we get some official course of action on this? My dealership has no experience with Bronco repairs. They test drove one other Bronco to compare, and since that produced a similar result they called it normal and didn’t try to diagnose mine any further.
  11. Rear inner door paint chipping

    I have this on my rear passenger side. I showed the body shop adjuster and they said no prob about getting it fixed. Slight misalignment on the door
  12. Front suspension “thump” noise/feel?

    Any chance you have the TSB #??
  13. Front suspension “thump” noise/feel?

    So mine is currently sitting at the dealership waiting to be looked at. Without riding in yours there’s obviously no way to know if we have the same issue though. Mine happens at the same time, split second right before full stop, and also feel it “release” when I begin moving again. I also...
  14. Michigan Roll Call

    Going through the windshield replacement process right now. 13k miles with no problems then two chips within a week, the 2nd a day after the first was fixed. The second one is too close to the edge to fix, so insurance is fully covering a replacement.
  15. Didn’t even make it to the first car payment… cracked windshield

    Just had them out this morning to fix my first chip- 11 months/13k miles in, guess I’m lucky. I forgot to screenshot that form when I went through the app…
  16. Michigan WTB base wheels and tires with tpms

    What do you have on it now? I’m potentially looking to upgrade. Have base steelies and about 13k on the tires.
  17. Michigan Roll Call

    The seasonal roads through the Allegan forest were ok to play around on. No challenges through there, but was a good intro for the kids.
  18. Silver Lake Sand Dunes

    Took my Bronco there last September, it did great! However, 7 months later and I’m still finding sand I missed….🤣🤣
  19. Michigan Roll Call

    @KevinT congrats, looks nice! Where in MI are ya?