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  1. 01/16/2023 Build Week

    Assembly line pic! Tracked it to Oklahoma City last night. Should be in TX soon. I'd love to be able to pick it up from the dealer next weekend, but I won't get my hopes up.
  2. KBD Flares In-Depth Install on Black Diamond with Kenda Klevor 35s

    This. I love the shape of the flare, but I can't unsee the round fender behind it.
  3. What's your least favorite Bronco color?

    I voted for Mac & Cheese and Rental Car Silver.
  4. ⏳ Bronco Raptor now being scheduled for production & VIN assigned

    I know there's a lot of production yet for MY23, but it seems like they've built hardly any Raptors for 2023. I hope they get their supply chain in better shape for the 2nd half of the production year and get these out.
  5. 6th gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down the MAP line

    Also, this is good news. They must be in the Release Candidate phase of rollout. These vehicles should be production representative and be being built for range testing, crash testing, quality review, etc...
  6. 6th gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down the MAP line

    Have suspension specs been leaked yet? I wonder if it'll be something similar to Hoss 3.0. I don't see them going all out with something similar to Hoss 4.0
  7. Regearing for 35's

    I'm guessing your order is a base model? I wouldn't be dropping SAS on the base... I'd be taking my chances for it being built. Other trims at least offer rear lockers with 4.27's.
  8. 01/16/2023 Build Week

    Mine is moving slowwwwww. Shipped 1/24 and is barely 150 miles from MAP.
  9. GM Considering an Electric Bronco Rival

    Ah yes GM... the leading american EV manufacturer....
  10. Idaho Non SAS Badlands take-offs for sale

    These should go quickly. You can't even order these wheels currently. They are balanced out for MY 23.
  11. Bronco vs Colorado ZR2

    Bronco compared to the outgoing ZR2 is an easy win for the Bronco IMO. I had a '21 and I liked it at first, but after 21k miles I was glad to get out of it. Seats are just straight up hard and uncomfortable. I thought maybe they would break-in/wear in. After 15k miles I developed several...
  12. ⏳ Bronco Raptor now being scheduled for production & VIN assigned

    I definitely lucky that mine was built on 1/19 and shipped on 1/24. Shitty situation for you guys recently built and now in limbo.
  13. Ordering and Postponing The Actual Purchase of Bronco

    Reservations don't exist any longer. Short answer is no, you can't do what you are asking to do. Closest thing would be to order from a dealer that gets a lot of orders and not a lot of allocations. Even then, I think Ford is going to cancel unbuilt orders at EOY from now on to avoid price...
  14. 20+ Broncos hit the mountain to find some snow... lessons were learned

    I'm just here to make fun of the jeep wheel/tire setup.
  15. Best 32 inch All Terrain Tire?

    I vote stick with the Goodyears. They are light for "35's". You only live once, enjoy things the you want. The Bronco fuel mileage is shit no matter what setup you run. If you're going to lose sleep over 1-2 MPG's, the Bronco was never the right vehicle for you.
  16. Lane Centering and Stop n Go availability on Braptor?

    Broncos get a neutered version of Co-Pilot. Lane Keep Assist, but no Active Lane Centering. Standard ACC but not Intelligent ACC
  17. 01/16/2023 Build Week

    Woke up this morning to a shipped email. We'll see how long it takes to get to north TX!
  18. Lightweight rooftop tent RTT by Inspired Overland -- review & photos

    I do thanks! Yes we're bummed our four legged child will not be joining us for the trip 🤣