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  1. Robin's Egg Blue Bronco Heritage Editions Spotted, both 2 and 4 door late last week

    I have seen a 2DR & 4DR Heritage with the white roof and it looks 100000 times better than the MIC roof.
  2. Robin's Egg Blue Bronco Heritage Editions Spotted, both 2 and 4 door late last week

    It's a mule that they drive the snot out of. Things break.
  3. 5k over MSRP when titling out of state?

    I would tell them to pound sand!!!!!!!
  4. Need a new tailgate replacement

    Might try a junkyard to see if they have any wrecked Broncos that you could snag it from.
  5. Extended Warranty Question

    Just do a search on here for Granger warranty. They will send you information on each plan. You can even use your FordPass points to pay for it.
  6. My wife surprised me with a couple gifts

    not open on Sundays
  7. PSA: Beauty Ring Bolts -- Removal Issues & Replacement Cost - BE AWARE!

    Removed my beauty rings and had them powder coated. No issues removing the bolts or reinstalling. Broke the bolts loose by hand with a ratchet.
  8. Hello From Livonia, MI

    join here https://michiganbroncos.club/
  9. Hotwheels RLC Wildtrak Bronco launches 12/20/22

    It says only 1 per person.
  10. Stripped Hardtop Thread from Factory - Suggestions ?

    Removed my hard top torx bolts and installed RockWorkx tie downs with no issues. You have to be careful with the torx bolts on the Bronco because they are not all the same size and some are torx and others are torx plus.
  11. Mod Top Impressions?

    If the price was comparable to a MIC top yes I would buy one.
  12. Mod Top Impressions?

    I saw the Heritage Edition that Ford had at the Woodward Dream Cruise and the white roof looks 1000% better then the MIC 2.0 on my 2022 Badlands 4DR.
  13. No gas cap, and dusty roads

    The Bronco isn't Ford Motor Companies first rodeo with a Ford Easy Fuel® Capless Fuel Filler.
  14. Options added "outside" assembly plant

    Striping is added at the dealership.
  15. Do we need a Bronco with more seats?

    That's why Ford makes the Expedition and Navigator
  16. Are the driver and passenger mirrors supposed to be different?

    they are different. the A-pillar blocks part of the passenger side mirror.
  17. Mis-Painted Interior Door Panel

    ???? Dodge Dakota?????? were they not an American truck?
  18. Rear Defrost Question

    Check the settings in the infotainment unit
  19. Dundee Ford Dealership sold my car!

    Attorney General of the State of Illinois