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  1. Warthog Bronco SPORT?

    Has there been any news about a warthog sport? I just saw a vehicle in full camo going the opposite way on the interstate. Shape wise it looked like a bronco sport, with a considerably more aggressive look. The front fenders were cut with bigger wheel wells, and the front bumper was much more...
  2. Anyone going to the Colorado Bronco event? Any locals?

    I've all but decided that I'm going to take a little trip up to Colorado to see the new bronco, and hopefully get some fly fishing in on the trip. Anyone else have similar plans? Any locals willing to give me some directions toward public access to some river fishing? I've heard the Arkansas...
  3. 4 door hard top woes

    Yes.....i know that this topic has been beaten to DEATH, but why in the hell dont they just make the damn hard top standard......i really have a big issue with paying extra for it. I just dont like soft tops. I really like the practicality of a 4 door, but by the time you pay for the 2 extra...
  4. In anticipation of the build and price, ive been looking at something

    So, this may not be real important to a lot of you, but i am an audiophile, and one of the only options i really feel like i absolutely really want is the upgraded stereo in the badlands. Ive been playing with the bronco sport builder, and the only way to upgrade to that stereo, is to add on the...
  5. "high" package spotlight

    If you look at the details for the "high" package, it lists an led spotlight, has this been photographed? Id like to see this. Maybe what i think of as "spotlight" is incorrect. Can anyone clarify this?
  6. My bronco

    Walking back to my truck after deer hunting, I thought it looked pretty majestic.
  7. Am i the only person who wants to see an aux fuel tank?

    So a couple times a year, I go hunting for a week-10 days, sometimes in more remote areas (2 hours from a gas station). Extended range would be a really really nice feature for me. I have never seen it mentioned, and I think it would be awesome. With the already kind limited cargo space...
  8. Adrenaline rush package?

    Anyone else noticed this, I looked at the different options for the 200th time, and dont ever remember seeing this? What is it?