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  1. Maryland FS: 4DR Bronco Rear Seat Roof Section

    Selling a MIC 2.0 four door roof section take off in good condition. Asking $550 and local pickup only.
  2. Ford Release Built FY21 MIC Top Broncos

    Now that we know Ford has decided to hold already built MIC top Broncos until at least October it’s clear customer satisfaction is not the true driver but instead cost savings. Otherwise, they’d deliver at least customer orders and have the dealers replace the top at a later date like for orders...
  3. OEM Front License Plate Bracket is Dealer Installed

    For anyone concerned about the OEM front license plate bracket it’s not installed prior to arriving at the dealer like the Explorer in states requiring a front plate. If you don’t want your Bronco drilled let the dealer know not to install it.
  4. Paint Protection Film from film companies like Xpel, Suntek, etc.

    Does anyone know if Ford has allowed the paint protection film companies like Xpel, Suntek, etc. to scan the Bronco to create patterns?