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  1. Everglades wheel sets are now available on Ford Performance Parts site

    I wonder if you’ll be able to buy the dorkle soon
  2. Regrets

    I find mine to be one of the smoothest and quietest 4x4’s I’ve ever driven. I think my XJ may have been a bit quieter. This bronco is a luxury vehicle to me. Another thing I don’t get is the people saying the trans has a long, truck-like throw…in my Jeep, first has your knuckle pinned against...
  3. What is the most fun to drive vehicle you have ever owned? 6G Bronco for me

    The bronco is fun but my old Jeep is still more fun. Something about a beer can on wheels that just makes it a blast to drive!
  4. Post your Bomb Cyclone mega snow storm Bronco pics 🌨️ 🌬️

    Lots of wind, some drifting but not the assload of snow I hoped for. It was cold as hell so I was happy for the random block heater I didn’t order but it came with anyway.
  5. What made you pick your trim of Bronco?

    first, a manual 4x4 is the reason for bronco Why the trim? Rubber floors, vinyl seats and black steelies. I will ruin carpet and cloth in a car within weeks and I like plain black wheels. Rear locker is a plus.
  6. Warning. Don't let your wife drive your Bronco

    My wife doesn’t like driving 3 pedaled vehicles so I’m safe. But my wife is a damn fine driver!
  7. Why does the auto start stop feature bother so many people?

    Just hold your foot on the clutch when stopped, it won’t engage if one is absolutely THAT worried about it. the only time mine will activate is when I’m sitting in a long ass line at Taco Bell on a Friday night.
  8. HVAC Temperature Digital Readout Dials Are Back For 2023 Broncos!

    Oh boy, that’s fancy. Mine I just turn more red if I’m cold and more blue if I’m hot… I can see where that is such an important feature on a 4x4 these days
  9. Do we need a Bronco with more seats?

    I have a two door. My Jeep is also a two door, its backseat is removable. I wish ford would’ve followed suit with that option! so I’ll pass on extra seats
  10. You Know You Drive a Bronco When…

    Try to back into the driveway by throwing it in 6th. Usually a couple times after driving the TJ around for a couple days.
  11. Recall: Rearview Camera issue fix coming via OTA over-the-air software update

    Is this something that effects automatics only? I hardly look at my screen, I look at those two strange things located just outside the window and the little thing in the middle of the windshield.
  12. Exploding Back Glass

    Sounds like an old XJ, the back glass would bust if you farted too hard. Broke my XJ’s glass a couple times with no explanation either.
  13. So what is "it" about the Bronco (for you)?

    I like 4x4’s. I’ve driven Jeeps my whole life except for an old S10 and an old 318ti. It’s not quite a beer can on wheels like my Jeep but it’s still fun to drive and it came in a manual. The only automatic I’ve ever owned was my XJ and I considered that a luxury vehicle! By 4x4 I mean Jeep...
  14. So I Found Out Friday Afternoon... While driving in pouring rain with the top off

    Been there many a time in the Jeep. That’s why I opted for a trim with a vinyl floor. Had to remove the carpet on the Jeep after it started smelling like a shoe. Do the carpeted models have the option to remove it to dry/air out?
  15. The one thing my old Jeep has over my Bronco

    That’s how you can tell I’m happy, count the bugs in my teeth…
  16. The one thing my old Jeep has over my Bronco

    Goggles? Hell I just wear sunglasses if that