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  1. Anyone have Pics of 2-door Outer Banks in Iconic Silver?

    I've searched but haven't found many photos fitting this description.
  2. Euro 2021 Ford Mustang Drops 2.3 EcoBoost Engine Over Low Sales

    Is this the same 2.3? https://www.autoevolution.com/news/european-2021-ford-mustang-drops-ecoboost-engine-over-low-sales-157227.html
  3. Which colors will Ford eliminate in 2022?

    Has there been any speculation? I like Race Red but if it is as unpopular as the initial survey here shows, I wonder if it'll make the cut. (I ran a search for similar threads, couldn't find anything).
  4. How does Race Red compare to 1995-96 Bright Red (E4)?

    Does anyone know how Race Red compares to the former Bright Red (E4) paint which was available on '95 & '96 Broncos? It looks very similar, from the photos at least.