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  1. Bronco 2.3L Ford Performance Tune - California Availability?

    What a weird state. (Not political, just an observation) It already has a disclaimer to the effect “for off-road use only” isn’t that enough? None of us are technically supposed to be running the tune on the road. Who’s actually going to check? Order it as a ’21 or whatever the work around is...
  2. Badlands NJ Marsh & Pines Build II

    One of the negatives of the minimalist design of the ADD bumper was the loss of tow hooks. The company’s solution was to “put the OE hooks back on.” Which I never had because I started w/ a capable bumper. Even if I had the plastic bumper I wouldn’t have used the OE hook; it’s part of the bash...
  3. ADD Pro Front Bumper & KC Lites Install.

    Demon Hooks for the F-150 work Alternate Mount Rough Country
  4. KBD Flares In-Depth Install on Black Diamond with Kenda Klevor 35s

    Would you mind posting some dead-on side shots. This is the best looking set of non-OE I’ve seen. Squared or otherwise.
  5. Badlands NJ Marsh & Pines Build II

    NP. Glad it could help. There were many members’ threads on the forum that helped inform me.
  6. Eibach Coilovers - Any First Impressions?

    Did you have supporting mods added? New UCAs, Lower Controls Arms, Upper Control Arms, Traction Bars, Relocation Brackets, Diff drop, Mid Travel A-Arms, Tie Rods? If not, the specs clearly state they are set from the factory to the max the OE geometry will handle, giving 1”+ over Sasquatch. OE+
  7. Eibach Coilovers - Any First Impressions?

    Adjustability was the primary reason. I don’t want anything fixed. Ball Joint, Tubular Construction, and past experience with brand are the others. Build List w/ Product Links —> Post in thread 'Badlands NJ Marsh & Pines Build II'...
  8. Eibach Coilovers - Any First Impressions?

    Took me a bit longer to get around to installing these then I would have liked, but it’s all wrapped up with supporting modification to max these out. WOW the results. Super happy.
  9. Custom Interior & Seats Inspired by Pre-Production Bronco

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 says it all. Beautiful
  10. I've moved on - For now

    What dealer? I see you’re from DE. I’m right across the River. just curious more then anything. Sucks you had those issues.
  11. RCI Cross Member Skids installed :)

    Nice. I didn’t see them when I did the wife’s. I’ll add them to the cart. Thanks 👍
  12. Badlands NJ Marsh & Pines Build II

    Track bar and the relocation bracket. As well as lower control arms. I opted to not do the uppers for now. See how it goes. Worked out fine. ROCK JOCK REAR LOWER CONTROL ARMS & TRACK BAR RJ-182601-101 - 2021-up Bronco Rear Lower Johnny Joint Control Arms MFG Link —>...
  13. Badlands NJ Marsh & Pines Build II

    Np. 🤙 JKS Max Tire Clearance Kit https://jksmfg.com/products/ford-bronco-max-tire-clearance-kit
  14. Badlands NJ Marsh & Pines Build II

    Yeah, they’re the OE non-SAS fenders. Almost looks like fender-deletes now. 😂 My wife’s has SAS flares so I can at least try those without buying a set. and I do like the metal set as well. To follow up. I wanted to wait until I got the lift finished to give those MLB fenders another look. I...
  15. Badlands NJ Marsh & Pines Build II

    Finished up and let the truck settle yesterday. Drove 100 miles and re-checked torque. Drove another 100 fun miles. I ran the adjustable perches as far up as they will go. No pinching, binding, popping, clicking or weird noises. angles and geometry look good. Ride is really good. Like really...
  16. Badlands NJ Marsh & Pines Build II

    Put about 100 miles on it today. ✅ Rechecked torques. ✅ It drives better than I honestly expected it to. I’m pushing the OE specs to the limits of of tolerances; anything more and I’d have to look into dropping the diff or a mid/long Tavel kit. This is the stance with the Eibach’s maxed...
  17. Badlands NJ Marsh & Pines Build II

    Post your question here as a new thread -—> General Bronco Topics <—- and you’ll get plenty of feedback. Good luck in your future purchase and Bronco adventures. 👍
  18. Badlands NJ Marsh & Pines Build II

    Unfortunately, I didn’t weigh them but they definitely had some heft.
  19. Badlands NJ Marsh & Pines Build II

    Well, that would be a long-winded answer. They’re no longer installed in the recent pictures, so there’s that. Short answer, No; I don’t feel they were worth the cost. They’re a set of AirDesigns from the Ford Accessory catalog for $800. Up-charged to $1300 by MLB. Basically all the did was...
  20. Badlands NJ Marsh & Pines Build II

    Thank you @Arokcrwlr 🤙 I’m a little biased, but that’s a pretty awesome build list. They’re still on. I opted to to not get/do the uppers for now. I didn’t feel I’d be stretching it far enough to worry about those still being fixed. Reduce labor and cost. And not introduce alignment/tracking...