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  1. Received this from The Bronco Team -- Bronco concept art poster and a sticker

    Got it too. Opened it and said FU Ford. As if this makes up for sitting around waiting for a year for a vehicle which may or may not ever show up. A winch, 0% financing, free Sirius for life….those are gifts that would make up for this nonsense.
  2. Here starts the dealer games

    I got a signed price when I made my reservation put down the deposit. Isn’t that a normal thing. We could all give them one star on Yelp until they change their mind
  3. RACE RED Bronco Club

    Jeez that’s nice looking in a 2 dr
  4. Paint an OBX grill white?

    I recommend vvivid vinyl. It’s very easy to work with. Check out ck wraps on YouTube for some great pointers. Do the Bronco letters in a cool color too!!
  5. Will Enough Customers Switch to Soft Tops?

    Not a good option for us northerners. Then you have 30-40% with 2drs that only have that option
  6. Death to the Bronco Sport

    It’s a cool vehicle. I wish they didn’t call it a bronco. I am tired of telling people the Bronco isn’t out yet (now it is a little) and having everyone say “yeah but I see tons of them. It’s just a dumb conversation. I think I’d almost consider it if it had a removable roof OR was 8-10k...
  7. Dealer laughed in my face

    Bottom line is it’s a sales person job to manipulate you into buying from them. They say all kinds of stuff that’s not true. I had a sales person tell me once if I bought the other car I was considering that I would need hip surgery within a year because of how low the seats were. I don’t see...
  8. 17 combined Fuel Economy?

    I think this will probably be my out. if I don’t love it to death when it arrives, then I am not going to drive something with this kind of gas mileage. I’ll keep the 35 mpg vehicle I have until an electric comes out. I love how the torque feels on the electric. It’s super fun
  9. Offered a Sponsorship

    Yeah. Absolutely if you like the bumper. Post a lot of videos and pictures. You never know who is watching and what else you’d get. I watch a lot of ebike videos and a lot of those guys have new bikes sent to them for free all the time even with only a few thousand viewers.
  10. Broncos showing up at dealers

    Just ask for a test drive and post the video if they gave them. Who knows what the scam is but if not a sing look e person here has posted their own delivered Bronco, then they probably aren’t available yet.
  11. I ordered a Jeep today..

    Nice. Post pics!!
  12. I ordered a Jeep today..

    Happy Pride Month! Can’t wait to see the pix!!
  13. I ordered a Jeep today..

    My lease is up this weekend. I also placed an order for another vehicle. I guess it’s a race to see which comes first the Bronco or the other one. Either way, I’ll most likely be driving a 32 year old Miata with 210k miles on it all summer.
  14. Be careful out there.

    You’ll see a lot more of these threads I think....people that somehow think that this is an appropriate vehicle for this kind of terrain. As for the tow....let that be the insurance companies problem
  15. White (Unfinished MOD) Top Spotted

    Dang OJ, you got a type!!
  16. White (Unfinished MOD) Top Spotted

    Jeez let’s not complicate stuff. Let’s see if they can get a few grey ones out first before we try getting another color in there 😂
  17. I would rather have a nonremovable roof.

    What’s the point of the Bronco if it’s not to get you connected to the earth....beach,rocks, trails?
  18. Who loves the bronco but not people?!

    There is a very good chance that if you like the way it looks modded out, so will other people. I get the same Take a pill, get some therapy and enjoy the compliments or buy a silver crosstrek.
  19. Ford offering $1000

    That seems totally reasonable or some decent gift. Yeti cooler, bimini top , etc