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  1. 2022 Outback Wilderness

    That's stupid even by Subaru standards. And I own one.
  2. Haldeman Ford Route 33 stole my Bronco reservation

    Probably doesn't help, but I think you just got a FE at a BL price.
  3. 📷 2.7L Bronco Engine Bay Photos

    My dad said, "Son, be a rubber hose salesman." I laughed. Dad was right.
  4. Prediction: What month/year do you think you will get yours?? Based on Reservation date..

    Aug 1 and Oct 15. I’ll pick mine up around August of 2024 when the first ones come off lease. By then there will be no deadly sins, only known issues.
  5. Pics & Videos From OKC Show: 2-Door Trail Concept and Overland Concept Broncos

    We’re 7 months into the show phase and Ford drags out these two dinosaurs?
  6. Ricart Ford in Columbus Ohio Just Received This Bronco Wildtrak

    I was looking at a 2.7 BL, but the WT has the handy coin holder on the hero bar. Decisions, decisions.
  7. Now Watch the Bronco Warthog Being Followed in Moab

    You are correct. Loveland Pass, east side, Mt. Sniktau in the background.
  8. B6G Poll: can you drive a manual or not?

    I can. I have. That’s why I won’t anymore.
  9. Known Cargo Dimensions (so far) for 2-Door and 4-Door Broncos

    Gotta get the fuel from the left-side filler to the right-side tank somehow. Just kidding. I hope.
  10. Experience the KOH Bronco ride-along vicariously in this Badlands 4-Door 2.7L video

    Hopefully nobody is expecting Rolls Royce cabin experiences out of their Bronco. I was impressed that it seemed to have less-than-normal off road ambiance.
  11. Experience the KOH Bronco ride-along vicariously in this Badlands 4-Door 2.7L video

    Prolly been said before; but that amount of thunks, rattles, and squeaks is less than expected for the terrain. It will get worse once she breaks in.
  12. ⚙️ 2021 BRONCO ACCESSORIES PICTURES! Ford Performance Parts Catalog + Availability Schedule ?

    I’ll take the Absract Bronco tire cover. The rest of it, meh...
  13. Shadow Black Top - Now Live on Bronco Build & Price

    It's worse than $1895. You are giving Ford back a $695 MIC top that was included in your MSRP. Your effective cost for the modular top is $2590. That's about 3315 CAD!
  14. Cyber Orange Badlands 2-door w/ MIC hardtop

    Rando observation. Post offices look the same wherever they are.
  15. Dealer used my reservation and ordered a Bronco without my permission, on hold with Ford customer care now! ?

    Not sure what it's like back east, but in Colorado it is well known not to enter into any agreements with any "Al Packer". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alferd_Packer
  16. 2021 Bronco Bumpers Explained -- Standard vs Heavy Duty Modular vs Capable Bumper

    That’s it. I swear. I’m absolutely 100% waiting to decide what to do.
  17. 2021 Bronco spotted with hitch bike rack (Yakima)

    It's been a while since Physics class, but it made me think of "moment" and "moment of force", most often referred to as "torque". Even though I now use a hitch-mounted bike rack, I will be switching to the spare tire mounted variety.