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  1. @obxbronco BUILD

    Sure can best builds in Vegas for sure haha!
  2. @obxbronco BUILD

    Yeah I love them out front and down low! I wanted to get the roof light bar but heard not too many good things with the soft top and how loud it is and annoying it could be so decided the front bumper would be good. Liked how it looked and maybe one day will add the roof light bar but will have...
  3. @obxbronco BUILD

    yes exactly what I wanted to go for was that throwback of the old school with KC lights and the polished wheel look! Decided the 35s because my brother has similar set up on his Jeep 🤢 😝 but I loved how aggressive it looked and simple it was. I do plan on doing 37s but not yet wanna get some...
  4. @obxbronco BUILD

    Yes love the silver! Was a pain to get but so happy I waited for them!
  5. @obxbronco BUILD

    Thanks guys!! I love the skid plates. Look so clean and have protected me on trails a few times!
  6. @obxbronco BUILD

    Thank you!!
  7. @obxbronco BUILD

    Here is my build as it sits! I have Nitto Ridge-grapplers 35X12.5R17 Wrapped in 17 in Blackrhino Primms in Silver with 0 offset. My OBX was not squatch but I was able to get some squatch shocks to get me the lift I needed to drive to the mall and on a trail 🙃. I also installed some KC lights...
  8. Bronco Raptor Will Get Unique Off-Roadeo Event in 2023

    would be cool to have it at part of a race course like mint 400 or part of KOH that would be cool to really test them out!
  9. California FE factory Rock Sliders $300 OBO

    How about price? What are you looking to get for sas suspension?
  10. California FE factory Rock Sliders $300 OBO

    Any idea of what your looking to get for your suspension? Looking for some sas shocks let me know thank you!
  11. Air Horn recommendations?

    Which kit do you have? I would like a loud horn and also the ability to air tires up from it as well
  12. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    what train horns do you have and where did you mount them? I would like to do same thing but just dont know what kit to get and where to install them. Thank you!
  13. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    awesome! are yours bead locks or sim?
  14. Wyoming Modular front and steel rear bumpers 900$

    Is rear bumper steel as well? I thought they were also plastic standard for all trims
  15. BRUZR THE AIRBENDER. Big Bend Sasquatch 2.3L Build

    Looks great where did you order the third brake light? ive ordered 4 times thru CJ Pony parts and they send me the Jeep version everytime and have to return.
  16. I made a thing! Custom sub box build complete!

    Oh yeah mines been rattleing like crazy. did they do a custom box or use same housing as before and what sub and amp did you do?
  17. ARCHETYPE RACING | BAM-BYODR (Billet Aluminum Modular Bring Your Own Device Rail)

    Has anyone mounted a full size CB radio on to this BYOD RAIL? I want to have a CB radio that’s capable of a PA system as well so I don’t have 2 units. Any help on location and mounts for the picatany rail would be greatly appreciated!
  18. M210 Front Axle Swap?

    but If I switched to Sasquatch 4.7 front and rear it would just be down to finding a dealer to work with and finding the hero switches?