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  1. HELP! Am I making a mistake?

    I was fortunate enough to get my two door BL at MSRP, so I can't say I'd jump on it with enthusiasm with a $5k mark up right away. But $5k is better than $10k or higher mark up depending on the trim.
  2. HELP! Am I making a mistake?

    It's sad when a $5k markup is considered a good deal in todays market. But I'd jump on it.
  3. Anyone else annoyed with Package control

    I wouldn't have ordered the Badlands if it was possible to add the mid package and keep the manual. Mainly wanted the mid package for the heated seats and rear sensors. Ford probably figured it'd help boost the amount of Badland sales too by packaging it in the way that they did. They could...
  4. Bronco Trail Sight Delete – Test Fitting

    Probably not something I would add but I like the creativity of it. It'll be interesting to see what else can be done in place of the gun sites.
  5. Bronco Issues Ratio Tool - Current Owners Only

    2 Door Badlands, Mid package 2.3 w/ 7MT 1,400 miles Delivered 11/1/21 Took ownership 11/23/21 No issues so far
  6. e-Brake Location

    For an auto vehicle it's fine, but it's a cruel spot for the manual owners. I've got used to it somewhat still annoying spot since it's out of site.
  7. 📸 Now See 2022 Bronco Raptor in Velocity Blue & Shadow Black With Painted Fender Flares!

    It’s a shame they dropped Rapid Red. It would’ve looked good on the Raptor
  8. Forester the better buy???

    I think the CVT alone would be a deal breaker from most people
  9. Analysis: swap headlights and tail lights from Base to Signature, possible process?

    I'm hoping that the wiring harnesses become available for purchase to make the head/taillight swap possible. I'm just going for looks, I like the base head lights better. I'd go with the OB unless you're planning on building it up, go for the base.
  10. Swap body parts easy

    Ford should of just did that for the tail lights since they made both headlights LED. But also some people might just want to have more of a basic build. Standard head lights just look the best IMO, especially on a two door.
  11. Swap body parts easy

    I get why Ford does this with their trucks, mainly to keep costs down for the lower trims. But the basic lights just look perfect on the Bronco and the tail lights are fine and would do the job, I just rather have the LED tail lights. Or hopefully the wire harnesses are available as order able...
  12. Swap body parts easy

    From other treads on this topic, it probably won’t be an easy swap. But once people actually do it and show how difficult or easy it is to do, I’ll swap mine with anyone that wants the signature head lights as well.
  13. Names that don't make any sense.

    Ford should bring back the Pinto name but probably won't. Just like Falcon or Thunderbird probably wont either but still would be cool.
  14. Warning 4 door trims and Cupholders

    Ford counts the door pockets as cup holders
  15. Front license plate placement on Antimatter Blue Base Bronco

    All states that have front plates should get rid of them immediately. Probably will be my first mod for mine.
  16. Spotted: 2-Door Cactus Gray Badlands Sasquatch With Fastback Soft Top

    Definitely looks better than the fastback top for the Wranglers. I'd prefer just a normal soft top option but I think I could rock it on my 2 door.
  17. Analysis: 2021 Bronco Color Choices by Region

    The top 3 for the Northeast is interesting to me and am glad to see it's not Oxford White or Shadow Black being the most take rate. I'm proud to be 1 of 11 of Rapid Red :LOL:
  18. Did KOH change your mind on anything regarding your build? Back & Forth...

    I wanted the BD with a manual and mid package until the news broke of that not being a possibility. But since that's only possible in the BL that's what I'm going with. I don't think I'll envy the 12" screen either, mainly wanted the mid package for the heated seats and keyless access. It's...