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  1. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    I really think folks complaining about noises on vehicles which aren't even built yet is a little bit "out there". Hope this thread turns back toward reality?
  2. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    This one, like everything Getrag does lately, is NOT simple. I've read through the shop manual several times, and, it's a real cluster. Basically the countershaft is like a separate mainshaft, and everything is backwards, ie 5/6 are in the frt of the case, crawl is in the rear, but 1/2 is on...
  3. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    I'm still completely confused as to WHAT the "tsb" is trying to fix. Replacing blocking rings (updated or not) for a noise issue is like replacing spark plugs in a noisy engine. If it was a shift feel issue, then yes I could see that, but everybody (myself included) seems to say that shifting...
  4. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    Which gear is that? Mainshaft or countershaft, and which position?
  5. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    Temps here are gonna be single digits/subzero all week...I should get a pretty good idea where mine is at!
  6. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    I'm in the same boat. If mine doesn't get any worse than it is now I could live w/it. I'm pretty sure most started out that way and gradually got louder. Would like to see a few of the louder ones get fixed, and permanently fixed before I bother w/it
  7. Eibach Pro Lift Kit for the 2021+ Ford Bronco (Sasquatch Package)

    Got my springs yesterday, unfortunately we had a pretty good snowstorm this weekend, and snow cleanup is gonna tie me up. Got shipping notification on my Core 4x4 rear arms too, so I should have quite the project set up for next weekend! I have RC 1" level kit on front, from what I am reading...
  8. Who else has almost ran out of gas ⛽?

    Ya I get what a "responsible" person would do...but what actually physically happens to an EV when an irresponsible person runs it dead? So you gotta tow it somwhere to charge it and hope the battery isn't junk? As these things age, and get sold used, I'm sure we are going to see them in the...
  9. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    100% would not change a thing. The noise is a nuisance, but the vehicle drives perfectly. This issue will get resolved
  10. Is your 7MT manual transmission making grinding / scraping noise too? Spreadsheet, Video and all resources for rotational scraping noise in the 7MT's

    I tried overfilling mine slightly (maybe an additional quart). It didn't completely get rid of the noise, but it did improve slightly. Hard to say because mine had only just started, but was very noticeable at 1st. Now it's sporadic, and only present for a minute or 2 after dead cold start...
  11. Is Ice Mountain or whatever still a thing?

    It rotates around all the different models, and markets. Last I heard superduty pickups were most affected in North America...that was a few months ago. They might be caught up now, but new delays/shortages happen all the time.
  12. Who else has almost ran out of gas ⛽?

    Ya I suppose you cant really walk to anywhere and come back w/a can of electrons? What do EV owners do? Buy a really really really really long extension cord?
  13. Any run a Pedal Commander with the Ford Peformance Tuner?

    To answer OP's original question, I have both, and yes they work fine together
  14. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    Anything more technical they can share? Would the tech let you take a pic of what he sees?
  15. 35s vs 37s

    I have the cooper STT pros on mine (37x12.5/17) on stock squatch wheels w/beadlock rings installed. Mine's a 2.3/MT 2dr. I'm very happy w/on road performance compared to other lifted vehicles I have owned over the years. 6th gear is completely useless, unless doing 90+ mph...and yeah, gas...
  16. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    Doesn't sound transmission related if the engine doesn't run at all. Likely a completely different issue. Let us know what they say either way!
  17. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    Gotta have discord app installed 1st I think