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  1. Washington State filling up

    I dont know if this will work but wanted to be able to see where many of the Broncos in Washington are from. I know there are already similar posts but if it can be entered on a spreadsheet it will be easier to view. Build Week Sheet -Northwest
  2. Does Ford make a Leveling / Lift kit?

    Does Ford make a Leveling/Lift kit? My dealership will only install a kit offered by Ford. I want my dealership to install it and use up the points earned with our purchase and also feel more comfortable regarding Warranty issues. Anybody seen anything issued by Ford yet?
  3. 🛠 1/17/2022 Build week group

    Got the email today at 2:02 pm. Almost had to go home early and this ain’t even my Bronco. It’s the wife’s! Original order: 2/25/21 Way Scarff Ford Auburn 2 door Black Diamond rapid red 2.7 Bumped to 2022. When reordered, lost color so she added 2 doors and picked eruption green with soft top...
  4. Washington dealer gave me my delivery date. 2 door Black Diamond 🤣

    My dealer here in Washington called yesterday with awesome news. He said I can pick up the Bronco on 7/26/21. Yes, that is this year. Okay, well happy Bronco Fools Day. And yes, I include myself as one of the Bronco Fools. April Fools day eveyone lighten up. At least I made a few people smile...