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  1. Ford Bronco from Mexico City - 1 of 10 Badlands

    It never ceases to amaze me the enthusiasm this vehicle has generated. Like I keep telling people wait it out and don’t change a thing on your order. I promise you it will all be worth it! Cheers!
  2. DELIVERED!! 2022 Badlands Sasquatch 7-speed Review

    Again I can’t stress this enough the wait is so worth it guys, please stick it out! I promise you the pain of production delays and changed build weeks will all be worth it!!
  3. ⏱ No Bronco Scheduling Next Week (1/31)

    I promise you guys the wait is worth it once you get it. I hate seeing people getting pushed back more and more and I went through it as well but once you get it and see what Ford did to this incredible machine you are going to fall in love and be grateful you waited it out to get your perfect...
  4. Bronco Got A Lil Makeover!!

    I actually saw someone do it in this forum and that’s how I got the idea. Thanks!
  5. Bronco Got A Lil Makeover!!

    I got them powder coated for $100. Great deal!
  6. Bronco Got A Lil Makeover!!

  7. Unable To Pull Up Bronco Tracking

    So I have kind of a weird scenario going on. I was able to pull up my tracking a couple days ago Ford let me know my vehicle has shipped and gave me an estimated delivery date. Then yesterday they sent me a pic of my Bronco right off the assembly line and now I am unable to pull up my tracking...
  8. Fun-Haver 2021 Bronco parts coming! Added: walkaround and Rubicon trail footage by Loren Healy

    Didn’t Ford partner with them for aftermarket parts? Also that thing absolutely ripped on the trail. So refreshing to see someone actually testing it and not going over a couple of pebbles and saying ‘well the Rubicon is better!’
  9. Bronco Email 7/30/2021 -- Is this a sick, cruel joke Ford?

    I’m right there with you. I ordered a GT500 three weeks ago that is supposed to get built in October. If that gets delayed just like my Bronco is I’m giving up and ordering a Tesla (insert sarcasm here)
  10. Bronco Email 7/30/2021 -- Is this a sick, cruel joke Ford?

    I think at this point I’m accepting a 2022 build date. I have already gotten my hopes up and this email seals the deal.
  11. Bronco Email 7/30/2021 -- Is this a sick, cruel joke Ford?

    I feel like I did when I first found out Santa Claus wasn’t real, you think it’s a build date email except it’s a Friday. Should have known better 😂😂😂🥲🥲🥲