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  1. Door alignment when re-installing

    It's definatly a good idea to check/tighten the bolts every now and then. You can feel when they are are starting to come loose when the doors start to feel more clunky at the stops. This happens right before they start clicking. Last year I heard a thump while driving on the passenger side. I...
  2. Let’s see your favorite picture of your Bronco!

    One of my faves. Love the reflection in the water.
  3. Got a Bad ROUGH COUNTRY Bikini top *Grain of salt*

    Ditto, love my bestop mesh Bimini.
  4. Race Red Wildtrak Build in KY

    It’s about damn time! Geez lol Congrats!! Can’t wait to see all your mods.
  5. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    Direct sunlight really brings out the best of cyber orange. The depth of the tri-coat really pops similar to candy apple!
  6. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    Added the outline grill lettering from Sticker Fab & the Bestop mesh Bimini.
  7. Changing order from OBX to Big Bend

    Cyber Orange and/or white will show it the most. I've just accepted it as it's been like that on every Bronco I've ever seen door-less regardless of exterior color. Not the best, but definalty an afterthought. I guess they can get away with it because "removal of doors is for off-road use only...
  8. Changing order from OBX to Big Bend

    Here’s a few recent where you can see parts of the seats/dash.
  9. Changing order from OBX to Big Bend

    I originally had a rapid red 2.7 base Sasquatch on order. After seeing several Broncos in person, it was clear that I wouldn't be happy with that choice. I changed my order to cyber orange 2.7 outer banks Sasquatch. Mid package, signature lighting, and cyber orange were now a must. For 2021 that...
  10. What have you broken on your Bronco so far?

    Like others, a couple of trim clips when installing the Auto Start-Stop Eliminator. The video makes it look like it just pops right out. We all know how that goes..... I've also chipped up the front edge of the doors (in the same spots, twice now after touching up). Maybe next time I will...
  11. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    Some pics from my SCE 22 trip. Enjoy! 🤠
  12. Simple Garage Hardtop Removal

    @67BroncoG1 The bracket is heady duty and thick. I think it will be okay. All the weight is distributed to 4 points. Roughly 20 lbs each, but the majority of the weight is in the back. I went ahead and made a wood support for the back. Since I bought a new to me daily, the Bronco is now...
  13. Eruption Green Raptor & Desert Sand Everglades at Bronco Super Celebration East

    I figured they would show up with these. Looking forward to seeing them in person tomorrow!
  14. Hard to Believe, but True—-BSC-TN

    I'm heading down tomorrow morning and will arrive around noon to the event. I'm cheap so I booked a motel room in Pigeon Forge for a couple nights. It's a beautiful 25 - 30 minute drive from Pigeon Forge out to Townsend.
  15. MIC Hardtop Removal Solo?

    If you have a garage, check out my thread below for a cheap and easy solo removal. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/simple-garage-hardtop-removal.37507/
  16. What’s everybody’s property tax?

    Kentucky has a "usage" tax when you initially buy the vehicle. It just so happens to be the same rate as our sales tax. We also pay a yearly tax when registering that's based on the county where you live and the value of the vehicle. I live in metro area so I'm taxed for everything...public...
  17. Do Broncos have this fancy key fob tech?

    My Bronco enters a "deep sleep mode" from time to time. It won't update on FordPass when it's in this mode. Using the key to start it wakes it back up.
  18. Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway

    What a treat to find first thing in the morning! The Race Red color looks sick! 🤩 Can't wait to see it and all your mods. I had mine about a week or so later after it was "built" so it shouldn't be too much longer! 🤘