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  1. Big Bend with Katzkin 2-Tone Leather Seats

    looks awesome. put mine in back in february, just heated not cooled, no regrets.
  2. Big Bend to this via... BFG MT 315/70/17, Method 701, 2” Lift, Katskins Leather

    never heard of katzkin until I ordered my bronco. love them and zero regrets
  3. Give a shout out to your dealership if they honored MSRP pricing

    I paid 2022 price, but I didn’t reserve until 6/29/21, and I think to get price protection it had to be by 3/31/21
  4. Great Weather / Summertime

    It’s worth the wait…
  5. Rear cupholders ideas?

  6. Rear cupholders ideas?

    This is what I got. Like it so far https://www.amazon.com/your-orders/pop?ref=ppx_yo2ov_mob_b_pop__fp_6_pp&orderId=114-4177663-3836232&lineItemId=nmjooxpnskpqqny&shipmentId=TkPN8Xwc7&packageId=1&asin=B000GQA8DC
  7. Build Times

    we still have one person from the Jan 3 build week waiting on delivery. for the most part, I think we were averaging 1 month from build date to delivery
  8. STOLEN!! 2 Door Wildtrak Day 1 Order

    this thread hits too close to home...
  9. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Few minor add ons… IAG side steps since I ordered tube steps from Ford and they gave me rock rails. (Funny side note…that was a month ago and they left me a voicemail Friday asking if I was ever coming in to pick up my tube steps they still have) Also got the IAG paracord grab handles. Wish I...
  10. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Have to go Mon and Thurs for about a month for labs. So far all the numbers are coming out really good. The only thing that sucks is the pain from the incision, but that’s expected.
  11. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    and here I thought it was armor to minimize bumps when off-roading...
  12. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Got discharged from the hospital yesterday. So glad I received and installed my IAG steps prior to surgery, because climbing into the bronco with my incision would've been pretty awful without them. Every time a doc came by my room, they were always raving about how well everything is...
  13. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    This Mrs Broski providing an update. Surgery went well. Mr Broski is in recovery ICU for 24 hours. His brother is also doing well.
  14. Meet MOON

  15. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    for those following my saga, surgery officially scheduled for 4/20. hopefully the hospital will have a way for me to watch Pineapple Express while in recovery. really looking forward to putting all of this behind me.
  16. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Much to my daughter’s embarrassment, I saw a bronco mini while shopping for a birthday present and just had to have a measuring contest
  17. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    got this in an email from the company I bought my front plate holder from. Best April fools ever, or worst product of all time?