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  1. 📬 Scheduling Email Now Arriving 2/2/23 !! 🙌

    Oh no worries bud, I battle the suits every day...trust me lol.
  2. 📬 Scheduling Email Now Arriving 2/2/23 !! 🙌

    Thanks, that makes me feel a little better. That link unfortunately doesn't work for me, says error bud did let me associate the VIN to my profile. The tracker is where I am getting my info and like you it gave me the VIN but not the production, hopefully soon, you gave me hope!
  3. 📬 Scheduling Email Now Arriving 2/2/23 !! 🙌

    Thanks bud. I get it, I work for Ford in service so I know all the dates can be pie in the sky but just thought it was odd that I got my VIN but no build date like the others posting? I asked our guy who places all the orders and he didn't know why either, just said be glad you got a VIN lol.
  4. 📬 Scheduling Email Now Arriving 2/2/23 !! 🙌

    It may be listed somewhere but I'm honestly too lazy to look through all the threads. How do I have a VIN now but no build date? Seems like everyone that got the good news (including me) got a VIN with a build date?
  5. 📬 Scheduling Email Now Arriving 2/2/23 !! 🙌

    Got my VIN!!!! holy crap! But it doesn't show a scheduled date on the tracker, but hell I am happy I got that much!!!! Black Badlands, MIC, SAS, High Pkg. Hell yeah!
  6. What's your least favorite Bronco color?

    Personally Area 51 is my least fav. I think because every other Bronco it seems is that color (JMO). Cyber orange...ehh. Eruption green is cool to look at sometimes but I am not sure I could look at it every day. I wish they would bring back antimatter blue, that was what I originally ordered...
  7. This Azure Gray Bronco Raptor beauty was just dropped off!

    We just got in a Cactus Gray one that is unspoken for oddly enough. Even though the color I think is played out a little it is still one of my favs.
  8. I love the Dirty Dog Headliner

    I have one of the Jtops for mine in the black and white Texas flag my wife got me for Christmas that is super good quality. Expensive but good too. https://www.broncosunshades.com/
  9. What made you pick your trim of Bronco?

  10. What made you pick your trim of Bronco?

    With me being stupid and canceling my first order to now my second order from 2/22 got the "sorry, better luck in 24" with a bunch of others I would go for an OBX as we just had one come in hard loaded but the MGV is a hard sell for me with the Badlands. From growing up with my 83 and getting...
  11. Bronco race vehicle burns down before racing in King of Hammers

    Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat..... Another future recall we'll have to deal with at the dealer lol.
  12. 2.7 Bronco with Borla S Type dual aftermarket exhaust, Ford Performance calibration tune, and Roush air intake

    Looks and sounds awesome! "someday" if mine ever comes in I have a lot planned as well, some stuff accumulated in the garage.... Question, any of the dreaded drone on the highway with the Borla? I love the sound etc. but drone is always one of those things that you don't think about until...
  13. 📧 Bad news Friday... official email from Ford: "Urgent information regarding your Ford Bronco order."

    Without reading all 9 pages...or all 70+ on the other thread The more people that Ford can get to cancel with these announcements or move to a lesser model means there is a few more that can be built to spec. I'm not canceling mine, watch this just be a stunt to get as many to cancel and clean...
  14. 📧 Bad news Friday... official email from Ford: "Urgent information regarding your Ford Bronco order."

    I work for a big Ford dealer and have been with Ford for over 20 years now, got my "peace out" message today. Every dealer will be able to have "X" amount of units built it looks like is my understanding but when I say "X" in the right configuration I mean 5, 6, 8, 10 maybe with all the goodies...
  15. Color match flares, top and grill? Would you do it?

    Hell, why stop there, there is still some black on the bumper, mirrors and sliders lol. On the fence, maybe depends on the color, not Area 51, not for me really but black would be fine ;) What I do like is everyone being unique and not cookie cutter!
  16. . [Closed due to abandonment by OP]

    Welcome to the site. I am a SM but man you opened Pandora's box! lol!
  17. North Texas Bronco Meet - Photos

    ☝ link saved, thanks! I like the stock HD Mod bumper not a fan of the factory big hoop, love that low-pro one!
  18. Bronco RTR Does NYC!

    Badazz! Cool factor 10! And awesome to have the gang at RTR post pix of it with them too! You get the award for the feel good positive post for the day! Badazz rig!
  19. 💰 Official: $2500 Order Modification Offer to Wildtrak Customers (switch trims) and Non-Wildtrak Customers (modify order to remove constraints)

    I asked my fleet guy who does all our ordering since 90% of what we read on forums is smoke and mirrors and big fish stories unless you are or have the source. I sent him the image from here that is on normal Ford letterhead scans with the 4 options and he agrees that it is official Ford but he...
  20. Peak Blue Bronco Sport Limited Spotted at Dealership

    Maybe if it was all blue and not with the goofy Fantasy Island white wheels and roof. I'm not a fan of the Heritage editions in either sport or full size but that's JMO.