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  1. Weird Request - Eruption Green & Cyber Orange side-by-side pics?

    Real world reviews of the colors: Eruption Green - Looks better in photos and on 2 door than on 4 door. Cyber Orange is a horrible color. Dont park next to a school bus Cactus Gray is primer gray, unless the lighting makes it look like other colors and photos never turn out the way the eye...
  2. 2023 Bronco Heritage Edition Revealed! 1,966 Heritage Limited Edition (Badlands) Units to be Produced. Unlimited (Big Bend) Heritage Editions

    Dear Ford: @Ford Motor Company WE DON"T LIKE LIMITED PRODUCTION! After 3 years of even base model being hard to find and get ahold of, you go and make an "Exclusive" limited edition? Ford has become Ferrari. Know what is great about the Jeep? Know what was great about having a Bronco in the...
  3. 2023 Bronco colors preview (w/ Azure Gray Metallic) from Ford Dealer Connection color & trim site

    This is why I've given up on Ford, well half the reason. Reason 1, i had a lemon 2021 F150 and my Bronco has a unsolvable airbag light issue. Reason 2 is that everything Ford is putting out looks great, the exterior design and interior designs are fantastic, as long as you look at black and...
  4. What gas mileage are you getting with 2.7 and SAS?

    21 4DR OBX 2.7 Sasquatch. 3500 miles. Typically driven 20 miles round trip to work, no highway. Turn off the start-stop feature as it is useless if you are running heat or a/c. 18.4 MPG currently, according to the dash.
  5. Where is my rear Armrest?

    Wow. This is why I now hate @Ford Motor Company They are making the most hair-brained decisions right now. I tried buying an all-black F150 with leather seats and a V8. I could get an all-black F150 Tremor with black seats but no v8, or i could get an all black XLT with cloth seats and v8, but...
  6. Where is my rear Armrest?

    I have a 2021 Outer Banks, i picked it up in November. I noticed it did not have a rear pull-down arm rest almost immediately and thought, must be a leather-only option. Today, i am on build and price as I have a second reservation, and I notice that the arm rest in question is in the picture...
  7. I removed my roof panels - once is enough

    Having owned two Wranglers and 4 Broncos. This complaint thread is just hilarious. These are not convertible Mustangs where you can go "oh it's a nice day, take the top down". Jeep and Bronco top-down choices have always required planning and compromise. It's the life. My 98 Wrangler, I had to...
  8. Carmax: 1,000mile First Edition - $99,000!!!.

    Carmax First Edition Guess i can take "Own a $100k value car" off my bucket list.
  9. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    Just got back from @DealerInsider Chapman Ford of Horsham, to pick up my BRONCO!!! (Photo: Just got back from a test drive at Chapman) It was a great experience. I would like to thank the entire team for a quick and easy purchase. 10/10 would do it again. Finally home.
  10. Your vehicle is scheduled for production this fast??

    It's been known - Soft top, 2.3L 4 door, will get your Bronco built quick. The less options, the faster. If you are reading this thread and are tempted, just know that the 2.3l Has more umph than any wrangler except the new 4XE model, more power than any stock 4runner and more power than any...
  11. Funny and true. Bronco was certainly the theme this year. Ian Johnson nailed it.

    At least i have now seen most of the SEMA Broncos
  12. Reservations are not as important as everyone seems to think

    Your reservation is your place in line at a dealership, not nationally. Think of it this way. A guy is standing in front of a bunch of buckets. Each bucket has a table next to it with a stack of playing cards, and each bucket has a number on it. The bucket represents an individual dealership...
  13. What I accomplished while waiting a year for my Bronco... (no complaints please)

    Since July of 2020 I've worked for 4 different companies and gotten $25k in raises. Contract work, what can I say. I sold and bought another car in May. I have celebrated two birthdays I've gotten a puppy and he is now almost full grown. I was the best man in a wedding and got the couple a...
  14. How long from "In Production" to "Built"?

    For me: Pizza tracker says in-production 10/21 - and lists an arrival date of 11/13... It means our builds got set aside for something. Got assembled and put on dirt mountain to wait for the mod shop to fix. 21 4Door OBX Sasquatch 2.7l Lux package - Antimatter Blue, Cloth Navy Pier, MIC top.
  15. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    I just found my Bronco on Chapman's website with the train photo! (It's being built and shipped) I am so excited!
  16. What is is about the Bronco that brings out the haters?

    It is easier to troll people who are already upset. So the trolls are here and, as far as I can tell, mostly go unchecked. The trolling is here to stay, it's up to the people of the forum to feed them or not. I'm just hunkered down and holding. (onto my order). Coming here for actual news and...
  17. BroncoDR teaser by Jim Farley - "Coming in hot."

    Shouldn't have named one of the packages after a Cryptid.
  18. So Am I Crazy?

    "Why didn't I resell it?" I regret selling the last three I had. I miss my 1979 the most.