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  1. Hard Top Parts availability for purchase from Ford parts?

    Ford just told people to get rid of all the hardtops on their builds to make sure they can finish building them. I just can't see Ford selling hardtops on the side after pissing everyone off. But then again its Ford 🤷‍♂️
  2. What is the market value of Ford's OE Soft Top?

    Now that we are seeing a new updated version of the soft top floating around with tighter windows I would imagine it is going to be harder to get good money for the gen one tops.
  3. Heritage Grill Item Part Number ?

    Didn't know it was all black, interesting. Is it smooth or textured like the other grilles?
  4. Heritage Grill Item Part Number ?

    I did the matte white, looks a lot cleaner to me than the gloss white does. It costs a little more (~$50) because its a color they don't stock but worth it.
  5. Heritage Grill Item Part Number ?

    Do you mind sharing what it cost to have the edge of the grill painted?
  6. Heritage Grill Item Part Number ?

    That looks awesome, do you have any other pictures of it?
  7. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    I am curious how this will turn out as well. Bronco Nation seemed to make it a point on one of their podcasts recently that they will have the only licensed Bronco badge. They didn't say anything else about it but odd that they mentioned it.
  8. What's your least favorite Bronco color?

    Well I guess they just botched the color itself. Lots of people wanted a real orange or a real yellow. Maybe its because they tried to cover all the bases. And because that is the "orange" we got, there probably won't be another one for a long while. Which really sucks.
  9. What's your least favorite Bronco color?

    I hate Cyber Orange the most because I wanted a real orange badly. Silver and Antimatter Blue are the most boring out of the group. Desert Tan belongs on Dockers only.
  10. Robin's Egg Blue Bronco Heritage Editions Spotted, both 2 and 4 door late last week

    Never going to look right until they use wimbledon white.
  11. How many miles before your 1st windshield chip/crack

    Just got my first last week. Almost made it a year and a half without one, 6,200 miles. Safelite filled it but it looks like crap.
  12. Support for The Stig - B6G Call to Action

    That was the best of Bronco6g…..before everyone piled in and we have what it is now. It was a great time.
  13. AIR Design Fenders Flares with width measurements

    These are the same flares that Maxlider uses for thier studded flares. I really like them, just wish they would make a pair with the standard poke instead of the extra 1.5".
  14. How many miles before your 1st windshield chip/crack

    I made it 5,900 or so and then was nailed pretty good. Had a repair done but it still looks bad.
  15. Base Bronco Non Sas 3.73 Gear On 35s

    I think it depends on your off roading. Are you talking logging roads or something more intense? Putting 35s on those smaller axles and gears is fine for street driving but anything more than logging roads and your a driving mistake away from being broke down in the middle of no where.
  16. Bronco Hard Top 2.0 Cracking

    Jeez, now we have to be watching the roof now? I thought it was just cracking around the sides.:rolleyes:
  17. Be careful with your RTR Spare Tire Carrier

    I was just givin' you crap, all in fun. I assumed it was empty.
  18. Apex AutoLynx Front Swaybar Disconnect

    If they work as well as the Jeep ones, I will get a pair. The other offerings out there didn't look so hot, just your basic pull pin. Hopefully by the end of the year.