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  1. Would you rather Black Diamond (mid) vs Base with Sasquatch

    all depends on what you need. i am bias since i went bd but it comes down to rock crawling vs more features. personally, i wanted mgv, heated seats, and other bd features. i did add 4a so have the rear locker. i also planned to upgrade so i added some bl co's and 285s. i do some hard...
  2. Is $5k too much for a professional audio overhaul?

    Yes. My DIY was 1100 less the molle panel which is optional and you can get cheaper. All in it probably took me 4h, I'd assume labor would be around 4-500 on that max. So 2k is the high side for the high-end. Going up the levels you are adding more labor time in the factor. Moving up to...
  3. Is $5k too much for a professional audio overhaul?

    Personally, it is all in what you want. For me, it's a vehicle that you will most likely replace in 3-10 years and are not in all of the time. It also has a hard/softtop that leaks air and has terrible acoustics. If you are spending 5k you better be getting an amazing setup. I mean I am...
  4. HVAC Temperature Digital Readout Dials Are Back For 2023 Broncos!

    2022 HVAC Temperature Display Dial Retrofit DIY & Part Numbers -- Install Success! | Bronco6G - 2021+ Ford Bronco & Bronco Raptor Forum, News, Blog & Owners Community for 400-700 no way lol. also, i actually like the non-display. it's in the console at all times and when you move the dial...
  5. Ohio WTB - white, 2 door, base, auto

    What. A. Deal! Act now and save 16k off of the 26k markup! Operators are standing by!!! Window Sticker (forddirect.com)
  6. Finally found the best Dash Accessory Mount!

    Not a fan. The huge logo, drilling into the dash (even if you can't see it), and the cost. It is a unique design though. I'd also be worried about long term dash rub or fade if removed. Others mount towards the front on the black plastic that will hold up better and use factory mount...
  7. Ford not keeping their promises on price protection and keeping your place in line after YEARS of waiting? Why did they take our deposits?

    this. i wonder if fords play is to see how many switch before making a decision on priority and price protection. if 50% change orders it's not as impactful to ford. i mean the same game happened before with constraints, just some were communicated most were not (tow, sas, etc.). to be fair...
  8. RTR EVO 6 Wheels

    Yeah I have the green one pictured above. +3/4" poke, perfect poke and not any dirtier than stock.
  9. Dual LED Light Reverse Kit w/Diode Dynamics Lights | TRAILER CONNECTION

    still waiting for that 3rd brake light replacement that has reverse/aux ;)
  10. WT vs BL non-sas

    Agree, I wheel without a front locker or disco. I do love the MGV but could easily live without it. I think there is a hack if you want to add drains, and you could always buy katzkin seat covers. I would buy that WT yesterday in your scenario. Go get a tent and wait it out until the am.
  11. Current Bronco owners-help us out

    Question needs a narrative on what you are buying instead of the WT. Buying a non-BL then I do aftermarket suspension and 33s. Aftermarket speakers, add a key and sub. Forscan. Other things at depending on what you want to do with it. I did way too much already..
  12. Thoughts from current owners about the current ordering situation?

    This. Get what you want. I wouldn't bend on a MIC. Personally, I could give a shit less about LUX and SAS, and if you really need SAS go BL.
  13. Current Bronco owners-help us out

    Pretty solid plan. I have no faith ADV or Anderson will deliver or produce quickly, and definitely can't meet the current demand before Ford killed MIC. I'd expect to have a soft for a year or two minimum. I'd recommend for the swap just get some aftermarket rims and tires and spend an extra...
  14. Bought Brand-New on Thursday, am I being nitpicky about this flaw?

    Handle yes. Gouge meh, wait until you see how this plastic holds up (you have a good preview now). Maybe see if they will throw some swag your way..
  15. FREE custom armrest cover anyone? 😁

    Need a MGV option and I'd be in.
  16. AR | BLACK DIAMOND Center Console VIN Plate

    Six month check in!
  17. If the SAS/LUX/MIC is going to push a lot of us into 2024 with no PP - what are you going to do?

    If you're not crawling BL non-SAS is money. Hell, I do a lot with a BD with just a rear locker and some BL c/o's. Anything MID+ is fine IMO. The MIC may be a dealbreaker in CO. I wouldn't do a softtop in inclement climates. TRD would be my backup, Defender second but that is $$$. Keep...
  18. F OR D

    Pittsburgh/Tri-State Bronco Club

  19. Oracle LED Fogs

    By design, does not impact performance and will dry out. No worries.
  20. Full Range to rear speakers

    I forscanned it before I added a key and I would say it was slightly better at best. I wouldn't go out of my way to do it. After the key install there is no difference. Tried it stock and with the change. I did leave the change on because I didn't see a reason not to at that point. There...