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  1. 74weld steering rack coming!

    If you go back and watch the 74Weld videos he explains it in there. The factory cast rack housing is not concentric. In others words it ain't round. If you put a metal bushing in there you will put the rack in a bind. Although BB parts did not break the racks have with his parts on them have...
  2. King Of The Hammers 2023 Prep

    EMC quali today!!!!!! Go get 'em boys!!!!!!
  3. King Of The Hammers 2023 Prep

    Spotted the infamous @goatman2 Bronco yesterday morning at the start of the T1 race. :LOL: I spotted you in the tent also but can't recall where it was in the video.
  4. Bringing Bronco & Jeepers Together Over Off-Roading

    Well put and very true. When I drag raced a lot it was like a brotherhood, racers helping racers. But I was sure to tell the chevy guys that their distributor was installed in the wrong end of the engine. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Bleeding Ford blue since my 78 Granada. 🤘
  5. King Of The Hammers 2023 Prep

    Lovell is on the lakebed........trearing it up 😁
  6. Ford to (Re)Enter Formula 1 & 2023 Season Chat

    Started watching F1 in the 90s on a channel called Speedvision. I know there were and are many great drivers and it could be because that is what I watched alot but, I am partial to M Schumacher. I would watch him pass people in the rain as if it were dry. That man had balls of titanium...
  7. 74weld steering rack coming!

    Info dump on IG. they will have one at the hammers. Anyone there check it out and send pics.......please. 😁
  8. HOSS 3.0 severe duty STEERING RACK and TIE RODS parts has arrived [part number NB3Z-3504-M]

    Info drop from 74Weld IG. Those of you at KOH, check it out. Send pics.😁
  9. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Now you just need to have your grille surround painted. ;) 😁
  10. 👑 Watch the KING OF THE HAMMERS (KOH) Power Hour Feb 2 Stock Class Broncos!

    This year qualifying starts at the base of chocolate thunder and goes up. For those that do not know what chocolate thunder is. Go to YouTube and under the kingofthehammers go to the live section. There you will find king if the motos race 2. Watch the start of that. Standing start and you...
  11. 👑 Watch the KING OF THE HAMMERS (KOH) Power Hour Feb 2 Stock Class Broncos!

    YouTube Search in YouTube>>>>>>>kingofthehammers_official Subscribe to their channel, I believe it is 25 bucks and you get the full Monte.
  12. Bronco Production Line Assembly Video

    Cool video, thanks for posting. 🍻
  13. King Of The Hammers 2023 Prep

    King of the Motos was badass!!!! Going to be an epic KOH this year!!! (y)(y) Thanks Goatman!!!!!!
  14. 74weld steering rack coming!

    I see I edited my post a bit. That is what I was hinting at but thought I should tread lightly because I have seen threads locked and warnings going out lately and did not want to ruffle feathers. 😁 Yes, metal bushing ..................bad. Plastic, deltran. composite, etc. whatever the...
  15. 74weld steering rack coming!

    Yeah, I would love it as well. My big thing would be how "much" more to go from 17% to 50%. At that point you should be into the 40+ range of tire easily. :unsure: Base Bronc, Ultimate 44, 74Weld rack, set of coilovers. Makes those that had to drop squatch a bit easier to swallow. That's where...
  16. 74weld steering rack coming!

    Not no engineer here like yous but could be the reason they use the 6061 is because it is weldable........... so one could "field repair" if needed. Just thinking here. 😁
  17. 74weld steering rack coming!

    Thanks Nels!!!! Good, well detailed info here. One thing I did chuckle at......... under no circumstances should you put different bushings in the rack. It has 30 thou of tolerance in the casting. It will bind the housing making it break earlier. Many on B6G should hear those words. :unsure: I...