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    Sorry about that. Wasn’t trying to pile on in my post.
  2. 2 Door Bronco- small gas tank annoying?

    Considering how many miles you have put on yours. I'll consider your post as being the one to pay attention too!
  3. Recovery gear deep dive: shackles, straps and kinetic ropes, what to buy!

    Nice write up. My only comment regarding using a 30ft rope is it's great for getting them out but I wouldn't use it on the trail as a tow strap. Get a 10 footer for towing on the trail and not yanking someone out. The longer the kinetic rope, the more kinetic energy, but the harder to...
  4. Recovery gear deep dive: shackles, straps and kinetic ropes, what to buy!

    For occasional pulls from snow and mud, I'd say synthetic. They are much easier to handle and lighter. Look at the Yankum fairlead, it works great with a synthetic rope. Also, I prefer the soft shackles for occasional use as well for the same reasons plus helps if you are pulling some one...

    So are you saying you can’t modify it or can’t get it all together? My apologies if it’s the latter. I was just trying to imply no mods were needed if it couldn’t happen right away.

    The good news (IMHO) is it looks great out of the box and with the built in SAS will be pretty stout off road as well.

    2.3 Ford tune, some additional off road lighting, arb compressor, hitch, mud flaps, and expel hood strip initially. Not planning on any suspension changes yet. I’d prefer to see how it does first. Most of my changes will not be for looks. I think it looks great as is. Maybe I’ll add the HEL...
  8. Bronco Build Week 4/10/2023

    Anyone else notice that those scheduled on Ground Hogs day were all scheduled before us? I’m still stoked to be scheduled, but no wonder things are screwed up at Ford. Makes no sense to me and I’ve been involved with manufacturing for nearly 50 years and know a thing or two about MRP.
  9. Price Protection 2023 -- why certificate may not show up?

    They are both listed in this thread. People seemed to have had more luck with the marketing one.
  10. 📬 Scheduling Email Now Arriving 2/2/23 !! 🙌

    And they are all in March. I’ve already been pushed out a week from 4/3 to 4/10!
  11. Anyone have 33" tires on a Sasquatch?

    Oh, they do. But most people can’t read them because they have to read a venier and not digital or dial. That being said, they probably have them now but I no longer look!
  12. Whatever happened to the pineapple pizza?

    You and me both brother! But....it's getting closer! Stay Pumped!
  13. How did you get your private offer certificate number???

    That’s been one of the big benefits of Granger. They are great to work with. This will be my second delivery in 2 years from them. The first was a Sport to hold me over from my October reservation. Even with that, while others were having issues with their dealers, Granger was upfront...
  14. 📬 Scheduling Email Now Arriving 2/2/23 !! 🙌

    I did the same. I ordered one on Sunday and it arrived yesterday. Will be a piece of cake to install. I've installed several and this will be the easist. The wiring is plug and play but need to run 12V from the batttery.
  15. 📬 Scheduling Email Now Arriving 2/2/23 !! 🙌

    I just had a hitch delivered yesterday. I dropped tow as well. Just need to go out and pick up some 4 inch grade 8 bolts and wait until summer for my April build to arrive! Your vin comes with the e-mail from Ford.
  16. Bronco Build Week 4/10/2023

    I wouldn’t count on it. But, I wasn’t counting on even getting pulled in 23 so there’s that!
  17. Gas Prices Are Headed Back Up In February (No Politics)

    My Gen 1 Lightning got 10mpg or 12mpg if I drove it in eco mode style. 17mpg sounds great except the Lightning had twice the capacity of the 2 door. Net net, it will be about the same.
  18. Suspicious...

    Mine went the other way. Which transmission do you have?
  19. $2500 Order Incentive, 2023 Allocation & More News - Granger Ford

    Ford told me yesterday to try calling them back in a few weeks. They were able to give me the value but it was way low and had expired. You would have thought by this time they would have this down pat.