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  1. Florida First Edition for sale

    Still for sale?
  2. Texas WTB 2.7 Badlands Sasquatch

    With Lux and Tow.
  3. California 2022 Badlands 4dr Sasquatch

    Still for sale by chance?
  4. Arizona ‘22 Badlands Sasquatch

    Man this is tempting. I know I can order for MSRP but that keeps pushing back. 🤦🏻 Can you PM me the window sticker ?
  5. Bronco Raptor allocation explanation/help

    Thanks, I might just go ahead and order a badlands Sasquatch at the same time and if I get lucky, great, if not, oh well. I just wish you could get the same tow package on a non raptor version
  6. Texas Braptor allocation

    Anyone here have any experience as to what dealers in Tx had Bronco raptor allocations for the 22? Trying to make a plan for 23
  7. Bronco Raptor allocation explanation/help

    Hey all, I’m eagerly awaiting the MY23 order banks to open and I’m thinking I want the Raptor due to the tow/haul mode as well as the increase trailer weight capacity. My question is- how does the allocation system work? I have a dealer I want to use that I know from work, but how do you know if...