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  1. His & Hers Broncos - Post Yours!

    His and Hers, Badlands and Black Diamond.
  2. Trail Rax Modular Roof Rack With Pak Rax ** Install Video **

    What mount system are you using for the traction boards?
  3. Trail Rax Modular Roof Rack With Pak Rax ** Install Video **

    I've had mine on for weeks and love it overall, I only had a small hiccup with ears that mount the wind deflector being a bit too close, so I had to spread them a bit so the TSlot nuts fit side-by-side. Other than that...it's a great rack. Hopefully should be mounting my cargo boxes, light bar...
  4. Batting ZERO - Rough Country Parts

    Flipping out on a forum? I essentially asked for feedback from people that might have more experience with that company, for which I have not. in fact, the response from people on here is actually good to hear and promising. And if you took the time time to read the post, I clearly stated we’ve...
  5. Batting ZERO - Rough Country Parts

    That’s good to hear, probably a labor shortage issue or something.
  6. Batting ZERO - Rough Country Parts

    Where are you located. I’m on the East coast - New England.
  7. Mileage check in, who's got the most on their 6th gen Bronco?

    19,800 ish, occasional issues with back up sensor, hill assist, and ABS. Turn it off, then back on and it’s fine. Need to have it checked out.

    I have a suggestion, why not create an accessory bracket that mounts to the tailgate hinges...similar to what you have that mounts directly to the hinges? One 90-degree bend and an aesthetic shape, universal spaced holes for common items (Rotopax), etc? I designed one on Sketch-Up that I was...
  9. Batting ZERO - Rough Country Parts

    Does anybody else have issues with Rough Country parts? I'm two-for-two with fitment issues. I purchased a trailer hitch for my Bronco and winch bumper for my son's Jeep JK so he could go off-roading with me...both items didn't fit!!! My son said he'd left several messages over the phone...
  10. '21 ManSquatch / SelfSquatch Black Diamond Build

    I love that color! That was originally the color my wife picked for her Black Diamond, but got booted to a '22 model...then changed it to an Eruption Green! :rolleyes::sick:
  11. ARB Build Feature: Motor Trend’s Custom Ford Bronco Pickup Truck

    Modern Ranger Bed could look good..."could", maybe...
  12. Any word on someone manufacturing a Body Lift?

    I was thinking the same thing LOL, however you can use an old-school body lift kit...but, will need to source your own grade 8 hardware (Bolts) with the correct thread pattern. I added this kit to my Badlands Squatch and they have 3" lifts also, but that may add too much gap in the grill and...
  13. 2021+ Factory Bronco Roof Rack “Now Available” on accessories website.

    I just happened to notice the Ford factory roof rack is “now available” for purchase albeit out of stock. Has anyone purchased this yet? I really want to order two separate rear cross beams and connect them only on the back cap. I figure to back rails and one side rail cut in two. What are...
  14. Tailgate table word for the wise!

    I know it's a bit late, but I ordered the table about a year ago before I had my Bronco...while waiting for my Badsquatch to come in September. I installed a similar table in my son's JK...second thoughts for sure. I opted out of installing my table. Since I've purchased the JCR. $100 more is...
  15. Raptor Bead Lock Ring on Bronco?

    I'm not sure if you want the actual Beadlock rings or just the beauty rings. But, I found it much cheaper to have the beauty rings powder coated. $200 for all 5 and two D-Rings.
  16. Cactus Grey Sas Badlands with a Few Extras

    I disagree with the orange sucks...i agree the sticker sucks from Ford, but what do I know...I lost the badges. but, added Gloss black Bronco script/logos, Orange D-Rings and I'm having the Beadlocks powder-coated orange also. I think it sets it apart from other models. so, I embrace it.
  17. '21 ManSquatch / SelfSquatch Black Diamond Build

    Kyle, Fantastic look, I "Kind-of" wish I went Sans-squatch a bit...well, a bit torn. I think for the up cost on my Badlands I could've got aftermarket wheels and tires for the same or a small bit more rather than being a squatch badlands. But, still love it! I absolutely love the color of your...
  18. I wrapped my Badlands in Light Pistachio Green

    That's a fantastic color, and YES that's a WOW!