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  1. Werewolftech Portal Axle Gearbox Kit released

    16K is less than the 25K ADM my dealer tried to stick me with. Good deal to get a better Rapter.
  2. MSRP Raptor Folks.. Need your help

    Did this with my dealer months ago. Called, email, Twitter FMC and nope. Even contacted the local paper in Michigan. FMC said it is the dealer choice to charge what ever the fu*k they want. I cancelled my order in protest. @Ford does not give a shit. I called other dealers and they said the...
  3. Bronco vs. Deer

    Here in Oregon we get to keep the deer, even out of season. Although that is one expensive deer, but Bronco tenderized. Still sucks for you, I hope they do not total it, then you will be waiting like me, 2 years and counting...
  4. Spent an afternoon with the Bronco EVERGLADES Special Edition in Michigan

    This is just a way for Ford to allow its dealers to charge ADM on 'Special Editions'
  5. Holding Dealers Accountable

    complain to Ford and they will tell you Piss-off. But still call the number or tweet @Ford and @mrlivine and this reporter @MikeMartinez_AN " Thank you for providing Ford Motor Company with your comments, Michael. Your opinions and experiences are valuable to us. I do see a complaint has...
  6. Ford Dealership fukery, $25k ADM or we will not convert

    You make a good point and I have seen Bronco's sell $20k over MSRP all the time, just not to reservation holders. Ford made a promise to everyone who forked over $100 to get in line to get a Bronco, any model, any doors. The point I am making is this is just another Bronco model and I am just...
  7. Ford Dealership fukery, $25k ADM or we will not convert

    I am at a loss, I do not think this is a contract, because of the disclaimer. I do not think either of us have a legal standing. I am not a lawyer, just a guy who signed up 18 months ago to buy a Bronco at MSRP. BTW, I have $25k as my down payment and finance the rest, that prolly will not...
  8. Ford Dealership fukery, $25k ADM or we will not convert

    Just had to share my first world problem. Ford picked me to have the option to convert my Wildtrak to a Raptor and my dealership is taking advantage of me. This is the true problem. My dealer promised me a Bronco, any model at MSRP 18 months ago. Now @Ford Motor Company gave me the option to...
  9. Bronco Raptor Build and Price is open!!!! Post your build

    Shadow Black Black Leather Trimmed Seats Lux Orange Belts Standard Wheels Carbon Fiber package Security system ~76K
  10. 💰 2022 Bronco Raptor Starting Price: $69,995

    I built one out for ~77K, neat carbon fiber option and leather trim seats.
  11. 📬 Raptor lottery winning email! Did you get order invite??

    FOMOCO sent me this email. I am on the fence about it. The Rapter is cool, neat and awesome. I have a 4d Wildtrack on 99 order. I have been looking at the 2d again because the wife just ordered a bigger SUV for the family and dogs. Realistically I just need to transport a max of two humans and...
  12. Custom Graphics Full Vehicle Wrap. Door Jams! Roll Bar! Grill Letters! and More!

    Now this is a Bronco!!! The most perfect Bronco, @Ford Motor Company
  13. Official Debut: Everglades Bronco: Specs, Video, Photos, Pricing, Availability

    FMC seems to be playing darts with the accessory list. This is cool in a really sucky way. At least when park in the lot at Everglades NP you will be able to see you Desert Tan Bronco. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  14. Cyber Orange OB in Ottawa.

    Was watching an on the ground video (RAW Footage: Freedom Convoy 2022 Day 13) and look what was parked in the middle of all those big trucks. Now we know where the one and only Bronco is in Canada, stuck in a traffic jam. Credit to: youtu.be/vgCGReLoUDY
  15. Blow Off Valve Adapter now available For the Ford Bronco!

    Got some 22" rims and lowpro slicks so we can race around the mall parking lot.
  16. Am I the only person who wants one of these?

    That horse has a big dick.
  17. 📸 2022 Bronco Everglades spied in DESERT SAND paint!

    Is this FOMOCO foray into mat colors? I does not look like glitterradi have attacked the color yet. I am sure that will change. I hope this color is for the Wildtrack, you know the desert racer model.
  18. Bronco Raptor spotted in Detroit with clear look at fender gills

    Looks no different than a Jeep Wrangler with Dana 60's.