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  1. Are you considering canceling your order?

    Does the dealer still get the vehicle if you cancel your order BEFORE you get scheduled a build date?
  2. POLL - Hard Top Bronco - Order Still No Vin Yet

    Ordered date 2/15/21. Reservation date 8/29/20.
  3. Ford is now sending emails when changes to your order have been made!

    Yes. Changed my order on 10/27/21 and got an e-mail confirmation about half hour later.
  4. NO New Bronco Retail Orders When 2023 Order Bank Opens 9/12. Dealer Stock and Converted Previous Orders Only.

    Old news........ Ford Not Taking New Bronco Retail Orders When 2023 Order Bank Opens 9/12. Dealer Stock and Converted Previous Orders Only. | Bronco6G - 2021+ Ford Bronco & Bronco Raptor Forum, News, Blog & Owners Community
  5. Can OEM Rock Rails and Side Step be installed at same time?

    2022 Ford Bronco Lineup Gains New Removable Hoop Step Option (fordauthority.com)

    8/29/20 reservation. No build date.
  7. Which rear tire delete kit is this?

    Is this it? Spare Tire Delete License Plate w/ Third Brake Light For Ford Bronco 2021-2022 | eBay Or this.......... Spare Tire Delete | Fab Fours Or this.......... Bronco Spare Tire Delete || Bodyguard Bumpers Or this....... 2021+ Bronco Spare Tire Delete Kit...
  8. Seeing lots of new/used Broncos for sale

    What people are asking and what they actually sell for are usually not the same.
  9. New From PA

    Hershey here. Still waiting for my 2dr Wildtrak. Reserved 8/29/20, ordered 2/15/21.
  10. Reservations versus actual order wait times

    Here's how my reservation date "helped" me when I actually placed my order. Reserved on 8/29/20. Went to my dealer on 10/27/21 and placed order for 2dr. Wildtrak. Received e-mail from Ford later that day showing my order date as 2/15/21. My reservation date moved my order date ahead by almost 8...
  11. Has anyone else heard this?

    Good advice but I did buy 2 previous new vehicles from this dealership since 2019 and I found them to be honest with no shady practices or ADM's. I questioned my sales rep on the Price Protection, and she assured me I was eligible, and it will be addressed at delivery.
  12. Has anyone else heard this?

    Yes. I changed my original order (2/15/21) by dropping the modular bumper which should have reduced my price by $850. but instead, my new price increased by $2,000. Apparently, ANY change to an order will reflect the current price with Ford's increases that occurred over the years factored in...
  13. What is happening with folks who have 2021 ordered?

    I had an 8/29/20 reservation and 2/15/21 order date and I have the same status as you and I don't have much hope of getting a '22.
  14. Someone didn't like their Bronco.

  15. Everyone Thinks the Bronco Pricey

    I bought my first new car in 1966. It was a Milano Maroon Corvette coupe, 4spd., 327/350hp side exhaust and a few more amenities........$5,050. My 2dr. Wildtrak will be 10x's more than that!
  16. First Negative of the 2 Door... looks like Bronco Sport with a lift

    They don't even make a 2dr. Bronco Sport, do they?
  17. 📊 Bronco June 2022 Sales: 8,681 sold / 12,909 produced

    I do think my reservation (8/29/20) had at least the effect of moving my order date ahead by about 8 months. I converted my reservation to an order on 10/27/21 at my dealer and on the order confirmation e-mail from Ford later that day it shows my order date as 2/15/21. However, I still haven' t...