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  1. PSA: Loose Battery Terminal Nut

    Yeah, saw the post about the fuse box for sure. If this issue was post already, I just missed it. Definity made sure to check everything else in the area and it was good and tight.
  2. PSA: Loose Battery Terminal Nut

    Recommend everyone to check the nut on the negative battery terminal clamp. Had my vehicle straight up die in busy stop and go traffic yesterday. When I say die, I mean completely dead. There was 0 power running though the vehicle. No lights, chimes etc. Popping the hood, I was able to see...
  3. How Many Miles on Your 2.7?

    Added my info to the form.
  4. Mishimoto's Bronco 2.7 Catch Can R&D Thread

    Looks good, but I am going to hold until the dual can is available.
  5. MIC 2.0 Paint Rub

    Anything other than a perfectly paved road would cause it to occur. Just general body roll was making the noise happen.
  6. MIC 2.0 Paint Rub

    Update: Rear cab has been approved to be warranty replaced. Part is on a back order with no promise date available, not a big deal in my case as I already took care of the most annoying issue. In terms of the noise, I knew I was not signing up for a luxury vehicle. Wind/road noise, ticks...
  7. MIC 2.0 Paint Rub

    FYI for those who received MIC 2.0. A new area to inspect. I had an obnoxious squeak that started coming from the rear of the vehicle after the first 100 miles, to the point of nails on a chalkboard. Having a friend sit in the back while driving down the road we were able to identify the area...
  8. Anyone else buying Forza Horizon 5 to hold them over?

    100% Have GamePass, so it was going to be free...but paid the $45 for the premium upgrade and early access. :ROFLMAO: Early reviews show it looking stunning on the Series X.
  9. My MIC 2.0 started the popping noise at 1,300 miles

    I've got a squeak/creak wherever I am on anything other than a perfectly smooth road. Unlike you guys mine seems to be coming from the passenger rear corner of the cab portion. If I pop the swing gate glass and then pull on that edge of the opening it recreates the noise. It looks like its...
  10. Hood Gap

    Just took delivery of my Bronco, notice I have the same issue on the hood fitment that you did but only on the driver's side. What did you do to adjust it?
  11. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    Took delivery yesterday. We can update the tracker as signed, sealed and delivered. Gluck to the rest of my dirt mountain brothers/sisters!
  12. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    I'll given them a little breathing room to go through the PDI process. If I don't hear something in the next couple hours that will be the plan though!
  13. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    Boom. Just waiting on the call now! Did not get a shipping email from Ford yet.
  14. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    Moving fast it appears. Built status last night and pick up already dispatched.
  15. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    Got the email this morning, another dirt mountain moving out. Build date of 7/19. I like how the potential delivery date started yesterday.
  16. Ford begins sending Hardtop Replacement emails to Bronco customers today

    7/19 build date, also email stating October roof replacement.
  17. "Dirt mountain" Bronco storage lot - video & pics from today

    A couple months is nothing new in the automotive industry. They don't like to make a habit out of it, but quality check issues, stop ships etc. happen for all OEMs. Even vehicles that are exported are on transports, rail cars or shipping containers for months at a time depending on where they...
  18. "Dirt mountain" Bronco storage lot - video & pics from today

    Just like vehicles do all the time prior to shipping from the plant, in transit and on dealer lots. Good example would be my wife's Escape was built in early Feb and we didn't buy it from the dealer until late June. The sun load is not a concern on my end, and my 7/19 build is somewhere in that...
  19. Hood Struts Kit For 2021 Bronco (Available August 1st from Redline Tuning)

    Just had mine dropped off by UPS. Figured since my Bronco was built 10 days ago and I live just down the road from the plant it would still beat the struts....I was wrong :ROFLMAO: