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  1. New double sunrider top spotted in development!

    Just sharing what Bestop confirmed: https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/all-purpose-all-weather-year-round-solution-bestop-sunrider-for-hardop.55965/post-1623983
  2. ROCKWORKX tool-less Hardtop Bolts

    Gunmetal for sure 🔥
  3. JTops 4 door hardtop mesh bimini review

    Got mine installed (also live in CO) and while it does do a good providing some level of shade, the zippers rattling while driving is enough to make me reconsider the whole thing. Not sure how this wasn't addressed in testing, but it's beyond annoying. Happens at even low to moderate speeds. I...
  4. Mabett Cargo Cover for 4 door coming soon!

    Nice, thanks for the feedback. My other issue is GPCA has mentioned this isn’t really designed to be used with the top off as it will flap and probably be noisy. I suppose that’s an issue with any of these types of covers but I’m going to keep waiting and see what else comes available.
  5. Mabett Cargo Cover for 4 door coming soon!

    Do you have to remove the hard top bolts every time you want to adjust/remove the GPCA version?
  6. Subwoofer & Amp Install in B&O System (OuterBanks/LUX/Sasq/B&O/4dr) - Writeup DIY

    For what it’s worth I have a JL 10” micro sub and it’s just okay. I don’t need a ton of base but I expected a bit more. I may swap it out and try MTI’s tailgate enclosure.
  7. Door Holders Using PVC Pipe -- When Off vehicle

    Not sure if this has been posted and people may not want to spend this much but this is one of the best solutions I've seen on Etsy.
  8. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    I have the Audiofrog GB 25's (midrange) and GB 10's (tweeter's) in the dash and GB 60's in the kick panels and it sounds phenominal. I went with a JL Audio VXi 800/8 amp though to power everything up front.
  9. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    Thanks- I’ll keep playing with it. Do you always separate the two pieces or just keep it attached to the panel and insert into the body? When removing sometimes the clips stay together and come out completely if that makes sense.
  10. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    Can anyone who's taken off the rear cargo panels and reinstalled share any tips for getting the two-piece snap clips to reattach when putting the trim back on? I can't get them to clip in for the life of me. I know one part stays attached to the body, the other to the panel but it's alsmost like...
  11. Anyone installed the Maxlider Dynamat Cargo Kit?

    If you really want to get into it- this site is a good resourse for sound deadening- https://resonixsoundsolutions.com/independent-testing-data/ They've done independent testing comparing some of the more well known brands. I went with Second Skin - Damplifier Pro. It's easy to work with and...
  12. My Little Pony is growing UP! NonSAS Badlands on 37s

    Nicely done- beautiful Bronco. Do you mind sharing the link where you got the Silver Bronco Script on the back sills from Stickerfab? I can’t seem to find it unless they stopped making it?
  13. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    This is super helpful- thanks! I’ll give it a go and try the method you recommended. Probably will be picking up some replacement clips as well.
  14. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    @Ksjrb03 - do you have any tips for removing the rear trim panels? I'm following the manual but it seems a few of the clips are hard to release and I don't want to bend the trim more than necessary. Did you do it in any particualr order or use any special trim removal tool? Based on the type of...
  15. Hard Top/Panels/Door Storage Dolly

    Considering the GarageSmart lift as well. Were you able to get yours installed?
  16. Wildtrak Epiphany & Validation @ 6K Miles

    Interesting comment coming from someone who has a First Edition? Is a FE a Base with a big screen and even fancier stickers?
  17. Leather Lux Naked Rain

    I have leather in my Wildtrak and have the Weathertech floor/cargo mats and Covercraft waterproof seat covers. If there's a chance for rain I can easily throw them on in a few minutes so not too worried.
  18. Inexpensive yet impactful speaker upgrade plus FORScan mod

    Just curious- did you use custom rear pods to fit the Focal Flax speakers? They don't make a 4" coaxial that I can find, only 6.5". Did you do the 6.5" components in the kick-panel and then just mount the tweeter in the dash?
  19. B&O System - Looking to Upgrade

    Just curious if you installed the Nav TV ZEN-A2B yet and had any feedback? I have an audio installer ordering one for me along with an amp and new speakers.