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  1. Kentucky Sold: 4 door OEM Rock Rails For Sale

    After going to custom sliders, I no longer need these factory rock rails. All brackets and bolts included, no damage. Ready to install. Prefer local pick-up as they are long and heavy, Richmond/Berea area. $200. I work in Northern Kentucky and can bring them up to the Florence area if that...
  2. Kentucky WTB non-sas flares.

    Anybody going flare delete or the fiberglass fenders route? Let me know. Thanks
  3. Kentucky 2 brand new, never installed GMRS Midland radios for sale.

    One is the MXT275 with controls on microphone. The other is the MXT115 with controls on the unit. Both of these are brand new, never installed or powered up. I had too much free time waiting on my Bronco and bought the 115 first thinking that's what I wanted, then saw the 275 and liked that...
  4. Livingston/Rockcastle River/Wildcat Trip Photos

    Had an enjoyable afternoon with the wife exploring some areas down around Livingston. Went by and checked out Wildcat ORV Park and picked up a map of the area. $19 per person to get in, we didn't go in this trip, maybe another time. Left there and went towards Rockcastle River and went down...
  5. Race Red Wildtrak Build in KY

    Figured I'd start a build page for my Wildtrak that I hope to see any day. I've got stuff in the basement and garage to go on it. Should have been delivered back in January, but like some of you, it went to Ice Mountain purgatory waiting on a chip module. Fast(SLOW) forward to 3/28 and I get a...
  6. Just saw this rolling South.

    2 door FE being towed south on I-75 around Florence Kentucky. Anybody on here??
  7. New shoes!!

    Mounted and balanced waiting on my Wildtrak which should be any day now. Mickey Thompson 35x12.50x17 Baja Boss MT's on Mickey Thompson 17x9 0mm offset, Sidebiter II rims. These should be fun!!
  8. Who's going to 2022 Bronco Super Celebration East in April?

    Now that some of us have, or will be getting soon, our new Bronco's, who's planning to go the the Bronco Super Celebration East in April? I have a cabin rented just outside Wears Valley, so right in between Pigeon Forge and Townsend. This will be the first year that the new Bronco's will be...
  9. Cyber Orange FE, Florence Kentucky

    This is sitting at Airport Ford in Florence Ky. Used FE, bought at auction, 156 miles. $108K!!
  10. Accessories pile is growing!!

    KC Pro6 LED 50" light bar and Pro6 LED driving lights, Factor 55 recovery gear, Midland GMRS mounted and handhelds, Zeon 10S winch for Addictive Desert Design bumper coming in January, Redline hood struts, ARB/Ford Performance air compressor and ARB deflater, retro Bronco fender badging...
  11. Off-roading, actually running mud, with factory SAS, Goodyear Territory tires?

    Anyone have real world experience with these factory tires for true off-roading, and not the mall curbs and speed bumps. 😎 I'll be playing in the Red River Gorge/DBBB area, so have a mixture of rocks and mud. Just wondering if these will be good for this versus a dedicated M/T tire like the...
  12. Converted reservation to a '22 order this morning,,, wonder where I stand?

    Converted my reservation of 7/16/20 into my order for a loaded 2022 4D Wildtrak Lux with MIC top and tow. Order code number is 2189 and a priority code of 10. Wonder where I stand on when I'll see this this rig? Hopefully sometime in 2022!! It'll look like this one!! Super excited about it!!
  13. Picking up mannequin for a test drive.

    Picking up my dealers mannequin this afternoon and will get to keep it till Sunday to test drive. Pretty excited to be able to have it that long to be able to take my time and look it over. It's a base Outer Banks in Iconic Silver and soft top. They did upgrade the seats to the leather from what...