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  1. My wait is over!!

    Awesome. Great looking Bronco!
  2. Totaled my favorite truck ever

    Tough turn of events. Like others have said, it's good no serious injuries. If it were me, I'd have to try and find something used that could fill the gap until I could get another Bronco. Unless you can find a Bronco on a lot that isn't heavily marked up.
  3. 9/26/2022 Build Week Thread with Spreadsheet

    I just checked and my Bronco is showing shipped! Wow. After 2 years I almost don’t believe it’s happening.
  4. Bronco Toys, Diecast, RC

    Very cool. Fun surprise for fellow Bronco owners I'm sure.
  5. 9/26/2022 Build Week Thread with Spreadsheet

    Fingers crossed and hopefully no chip shortage.
  6. 9/26/2022 Build Week Thread with Spreadsheet

    Modules popped. Its alive! Still shows in production though.
  7. I just figured out after all this time why I'm drawn to the 2 door Sasquatch...

    Heck yeah! I had many hours of fun with a couple of Stompers
  8. Just converted my order, I'm all in on the Heritage

    Awesome! Id have done the same if I got pushed again.
  9. My DIY spare tire cover

    Excellent work
  10. CB Antenna Mount (Homemade) Now With Full Radio Install Pics.

    Nice setup. Im sure i’ll move my cb and gmrs over from my old F150 once my Bronco gets here. So Its nice to see.
  11. 9/26/2022 Build Week Thread with Spreadsheet

    Oh My! I got my Window Sticker and an actual call from my Dealer. This is happening!