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  1. Has anyone switched from a 4Runner to a Bronco?

    So here is my too and from: In December of 2021 I got a offer for my JK that I could not refuse. So in Jan of 22 I bought a used 2019 4R to hold me over till what i thought would be another 8 to 12 month wait. My Bronco was delivered 4 months latter in May. I did put almost 10K on the 4R...
  2. rayhil67

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Looks like Turn5 is doing there Fall 4x4 show at Maple Grove in the Spring this year. I have noticed an up-tick of Broncos in the Chest-Mont-Berks area, we need to try and make a presences here!! Tickets are only 15 bucks if bought this month https://www.extremeterrain.com/autoshow2023.html
  3. Taking top and doors off solo

    I would not try and take the doors of a 2 door solo, My first time I had 3 people and wrapped the doors in a moving blanket, After that me and my 17yo can do it. Installing doors is defiantly a 2 person job..
  4. GM Considering an Electric Bronco Rival

    knowing GM's track record when it comes to EV's not sure this would be a good buy, But a ICE K5 Blazer would be a step in the right direction!!!
  5. people talking about rubber duckies and stuff.... this is what I'm doing

    An upside-down pineapple—worn on clothing or jewelry, pushed around in a shopping cart, etc.—is a subtle signal that someone is a swinger or looking for a swinger party. FYI. The story goes that when a pineapple is set by a front door, or on someone's porch, it signifies that a swinger party is...
  6. Putco Element Sky View Panels ?

    Another company Clearlidz made something similar for Jeep, guy that use to go to rausch creek had one, they are suppose to be indestructible Ahh video
  7. Long Time Lurker Turned Member

    For me it was the sound system, speakers and powered Sub, A must do!
  8. Long Time Lurker Turned Member

    Congrats... and welcome to the site
  9. LESS HATE, MORE LOVE GUYS (and ladies)

    I agree, I always try the search but lets be real the search feature on both the bronco sites suck. I found it easer to google search what your looking for. Then you will find the topic on both sites and pick the best advice. Way Back in my younger days I was heavy into drag racing, and the...
  10. Paint protection film PPF -- considering XPEL for Bronco Raptor

    Wow!!!! I have to say the pics on here of the Xpel stealth full install are excellent, I just cant justify/afford the 6K plus price tag:cry:
  11. Guys only want one thing and it's f-ing disgusting...!

    I completely agree except for "the Real Bronco (4 Door)" the real "original" Bronco had 2 doors!!!!!
  12. Automatic windows issues

    So I have had the passenger window indexing / coming back down issue since July. Two weeks ago I had dealership do second oil change and I informed of the issue again, this time they new what to do, they ended up pulling the door apart and adjusting and tightening the "window track system" and...
  13. Owning your Bronco for decades. Best practices?

    I had mine done with fluid film for peace of mind https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/group-posts/7129/
  14. EcoBoost 2.7L reliability over 100K miles in other Ford vehicles?

    that's a interesting read.. kinda not buying the 100k+ miles on one set of tires for an F150
  15. Bronco Wall Art from Hobby Lobby

    Wow.. So I'm just going to admit it and say I never heard of "hobby Lobby" but after searching Ford on there site I see they have some cool stuff. I see they sell the old 1:25 scale model kits, boy that brings back childhood memories, I bet none of the Gen Z'ers on here even know what they are
  16. EcoBoost 2.7L reliability over 100K miles in other Ford vehicles?

    I know the "bronco" forum is not the best place to ask this question, but I was wondering if anybody out there has had or have a Edge or F150 with this engine and how it has fared over 100k miles , any major engine / turbo repairs. I ask cause I'm one of these guys who like to keep a vehicle...
  17. Is your Bronco the most expensive vehicle you’ve bought?

    Yep! Bronco off the lot was 47,000 ish, only other vehicle to be close was in 07 I bought a 06 H3 with 11k miles on it paid 24 something. Bronco is also my first brand new vehicle in my 40 years of driving.
  18. Bronco owners peace sign! Wrangler owners have the wave.

    I do wave at jeeps if they wave first, having had 3 of them its kind of habit. Just not enough broncos in the wild in my area, most of time I see them on highway