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  1. Show 33's some love picture thread

    Great to know. I’m leaning towards the same wheel and tire size. I have non SAS fenders, how much did they stick out past? I don’t mind minimal poke.
  2. Raceline Aero HD Bronze for sale in Murrieta (South Riverside County) $700

    What size tires were on these? Curious about fitment.
  3. Show 33's some love picture thread

    What’s the width of the wheel? And do you have a side shot to show how far they stick out?
  4. Tire Size Help

    Thanks, I will have to get the tape measure out and see how that looks. I would assume it would probably be good. Hopefully someone has pictures of similar size wheels and tire combo for reference.
  5. Show 33's some love picture thread

    What’s the wheel size and offset? If they are 17x8.5 +0 offset, then this is exactly what I was looking for reference!
  6. Tire Size Help

    Looking to upgrade wheels and tires on our stock outer banks 4 door. Leaning towards black rhino wheels and BFG ko2 tires. Wheels would be 17x8.5 with a +0 offset. My question is this, wanting to keep stock height and have around a 33”-34” tire size with flush to 2” of poke past the fenders...
  7. Virginia OEM Rock Rails

    I might be interested. Where in Va are you located?