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  1. Moab Trails recommend?

    Heading to Moab next week. Two door Base Sasquatch all stock. Already did Off Roadeo last year. Took my Bronco on Dome Plateau, Wipeout Hill/7 mile rim, and Hurrah Pass. Looking for recommendations for 2-3 more. I’m thinking of doing Top of the World, Fins n Things, and maybe one more. I...
  2. Headlight and DooDooDoo Gremlins

    I recently started having an issue where my headlights go on for no reason after being parked for 20-30 minutes. It has happened multiple times in the past two weeks. Not sure what is going on. I know for sure the key fob is not being bumped because it happened once while my keys were on the...
  3. How Many 2021 Antimatter Blue Base Sasquatch's are out there?

    Just curious how many might be out there. I've seen a few on B6G but haven't seen any around town other than mine.
  4. Cool or cheesy?

    Wife doesn’t like it.
  5. Bronco Sport Owner says…”I thought I bought the new Bronco”

    I was at the gas station today and a gentleman walks over and starts asking me about my 2dr Base Sasquatch. His first question was “does the top come off of that?”. After a few more questions he points to his Bronco Sport and says “I bought that 8 months ago and thought I got the new Bronco, i...
  6. Do Broncos get delivered on Sundays?

    So, my Bronco has been sitting at the railyard for 10 days now. My original delivery date was 12/1 and on 11/30 it was updated to 12/5. Today is 12/5 and it still says 12/5. Does anyone know if the delivery trucks operate on Sundays?
  7. likelihood of 2022 2DRs being delayed?

    So I have a 2Dr reservation that got pushed to 2022. I have a reservation timestamp within the first 3 hours of reservations and I am at the top of the allocation list at a large dealer. I'm thinking I should get one of the first 2022 models. However, it seems like the 2Doors are lower...
  8. Can't wait to get better than 11.5 MPG

    I just want to say that I can't wait to get 17mpg in my 2.7 Sasquatch. I just got 11.5 mpg out of my last tank of gas in my 2002 F150 with the 5.4 V8.
  9. Explanation Help Sport vs Real

    I created this to explain to everyone that asks me why I don't have my Bronco yet.
  10. Rugged Mountain Man vs Sophisticated CEO?

    So, my wife and kids are helping me pick the color. My kids like the Antimatter. My wife likes Carbonized. I tell her I can't decide and she says..."well, do you want to look like a rugged mountain man or a sophisticated CEO?" I've looked like a rugged mountain man my whole life, but now...
  11. Best place to sell an old Jeep?

    I've listed an old 1985 CJ7 on Craigslist and Ebay and haven't had very much interest. I get people texting me offers of $500-$1000 but no one serious. Does anyone know of a good Jeep site for selling these things? I'm not really a Jeep guy. We got it from a family member because my wife...
  12. What if a Northern California dealer matched Granger?

    I want to see how many people would potentially change their reservation so that I can approach these dealers with actual numbers.
  13. What if ManSquatch came with 33's instead of 35's?

    Thinking maybe they aren't offering the Sasquatch due to the transmission torque rating and the tire size. Not that it couldn't be addressed with gearing but might be one of the reasons. So, would you go for Sasquatch lite with 33's like what they have on the Badlands? I think I would go this...
  14. Second Thoughts on Manual Transmission

    I loved driving my 1994 Ranger 4x4 with the 5 speed and my 72 Bronco with the AX-15 conversion but I'm starting to think that with the manual in the new Bronco I will be missing out on some cool new 4x4 technology like trail turn assist and one pedal driving. The 2.7 with auto is starting to...
  15. Let's get real on maintenance

    So, the Bronco looks amazing and it appears the designers emphasized ease of adding/removing accessories. However, I want to know what really matters.... 1. Is the oil filter in easy accessible location for replacement? 2. Do I have to take the whole top end apart to replace the spark plugs...
  16. Reservation Email 7/13, Reservation Date 7/14

    So, I just went in and looked at my Ford account and my reservation date is listed as 7/14. However, I got my email confirming reservation at 7:54pm PST on 7/13. So even with the time difference my reservation date should still be on 7/13. Any idea why this is appearing this way?