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  1. RCI gas tank skid installed!

    Just installed the RCI gas tank skid for my 4 door Big Bend bronco! Fits great! No complaints. They have good instructions so if you follow them to the T, it’s a straightforward install. It took me about 3 hours doing it solo but I was taking my time. My weekends has been busy, so I haven’t been...
  2. Softtop deform seal

    Does anyone have this same deformity on their softop seal? Did your dealer fix it?
  3. Front leaning to the driver side

    I have a Sasquatch bronco with the 2.7 v6. I’m wondering if anyone have measured both front fender height on their Bronco? I was looking at doing a leveling kit as the next mod and noticed that my driver side front is 1/2 inch lower than the passenger side? The rears matches though…which is odd.
  4. RCI Skid plate installed!

    Just got my RCI ski plates in today and installed it. It was straightforward and easy.
  5. Modular bumper bronco bolt part number

    Anyone know what the part number is for all the bronco bolts on the modular bumper? I bought a take off and it’s missing some.
  6. Drivetrain drumming noise at low speed

    Hey all, Just seeing if anyone else’s bronco has a drumming sound at low speed? I mostly notice it pulling into my drive way or creeping in a parking lot. The noise is not audible otherwise. It seems like drivetrain to me as the rate does increase with speed in gear. Is this normal? *May need...
  7. 2.7 whining sound normal?

    Does anyone else’s 2.7 sound like this? I’m not sure if it’s normal or not. It’s only noticeable at idle and it does change pitch with slight rev. Its more noticeable at the bottom.
  8. Trail camera on the 8” Sync 4 screen?

    Has anyone figured out if an aftermarket camera or even factory trail camera can be added to the smaller 8”inch sync4 system?
  9. Roof light bar and roof rack

    When is the roof light bar and roof rack available?
  10. Trailer Sway control on all Broncos?

    Anyone know if the trailer sway control is standard on all Broncos or only the ones equipped with the tow package from the factory?
  11. Soft top care and maintenance?

    Never owned anything soft top before. What kind of maintenance if any is required or recommended to extend the life of the top? What’s the expected life?
  12. Attn Ford: Please do a roller test to demo GOAT modes

    Ford please do a roller test on a non differential locker Bronco to demonstrate the capability of the Goats modes. I hope with the years that you had Land Rover under your belt it would be a beast like them.
  13. Brake Lock Differential feature?

    Will the broncos have something similar to Jeep's brake lock differential (BLD) to help with offroading Bronco's without lockers?
  14. Lifetime drivetrain warranty?

    What are your thoughts/personal experience with the lifetime powertrain warranty some dealers offer? I personally think itll be worth it if you drive your vehicles until it dies but have no experience with them.