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  1. Build & Price - Constrained Option Prices UP

    I doubt it. I can't imagine someone who wants Sasquatch deciding not to get it over an additional $750. Same goes for the hardtop for an additional $1200. I personally wouldn't want a Bronco with softtop. Now LUX package I could definitely do without.
  2. Build & Price - Constrained Option Prices UP

    Just built the 4Dr BaseSquatch 2.7L MIC in B&P that's being built in April and surprised by the price increases Sasquatch increase +$750 Hardtop increase +1200 ouch
  3. New BaseSquatch Dies at 157 Miles - 3 Week Wait for Transmission Disassembly

    I've owned 2 BaseSquatch's and currently driving one. Zero problems, lots of enjoyment.
  4. Running boards recommendations for 4-door Bronco?

    I have a 4Dr BaseSquatch and needed steps. Call me boring, but I bought the factory factory tube steps at the dealer. Super easy to put on and they look good. I prefer stock factory stuff and these say "Bronco" on them, so match well. $615 retail, but dealer knocked off about $100 plus I...
  5. Anyone regret not getting a Basesquatch?

    Dollar for dollar, you cannot beat the BaseSqautch for value, capability & aggressive stance. Our BaseSquatch with the 2.7L engine, MIC top and Aux switches has everything we want. Maybe I'm the only one here who likes cloth seats? Living in Miami Beach, heated steering and seats are useless...
  6. Granger Ford Order Updates - We Need it 3/3/23

    @Rick Astley Were your parents carpers too, or did you become one out of a lack of self esteem?
  7. 3/2/2023 Scheduling Poll

    HE has SAS, so sins. Even though you cannot remove SAS, it still counts towards production.
  8. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    PLEASE VOTE THE SCHEDULING POLL https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/3-2-2023-scheduling-poll.67569/
  9. Granger Ford Order Updates - We Need it 3/3/23

    Awesome, I'm super stoked for you! You're going to love it! p.s. please vote the poll https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/3-2-2023-scheduling-poll.67569/
  10. 3/2/2023 Scheduling Poll

    hmnn, i'd say vote first option
  11. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/3-2-2023-scheduling-poll.67569/ Post your scheduling to the poll please
  12. Granger Ford Order Updates - We Need it 3/3/23

    take the poll guys https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/3-2-2023-scheduling-poll.67569/ @The Compensator @BigCatISU @BroncoScotThai @chowfun27 @OmahaKevin @300six @KirchTX
  13. 3/2/2023 Scheduling Poll

    Want to see how changing orders to drop deadly sins (WT, SAS, MIC, LUX) or not affected today's scheduling.
  14. Bronco Build Week 4/3/2023

    4/3 --> 4/17 --> 4/10 anyone have a link to the 4/10 build spreadsheet?
  15. Granger Ford Order Updates - We Need it 3/3/23

    Oh shit, I guess they changed it. All the more reason to not modify your order unless you've ordered Badlands.
  16. Granger Ford Order Updates - We Need it 3/3/23

    No, if you have Base, BB, BD, OB or BL with any constraints you can switch to any of the other trims (sans WT) without constraints and get the $2500. I had a Base SAS, MIC and was thinking switch to Badlands without SAS or MIC. I would have gotten the $2500 had I done this.
  17. Granger Ford Order Updates - We Need it 3/3/23

    You CAN switch trims and get the $2500!